The "Have all 12 Spirit Beasts Thread!"

I've got all of em :)
well tonight I finally got the 12th so I can now join the cool hunter club =)

So I have to share this last tame with you all it was epic.

So I am sitting there spamming a /tar /tame macro at Ankha spawn point.

Kitty spawns and comes running at me....apparently I pressed it a couple times before I noticed the mad cat running at me. So now there are 6 little gnomes running around. Kitty hates gnomes and begins to smash them all the tame aint taking cause the gnomes have the aggro.......
At this point the cleaver horde hunter swoops in and cast his tame beast...
Gnomes die off....pissed of kitty runs to the fully clothed horde hunter and 1 shots him....
Now my tame takes and Bam I got my 12th spirit beast.

I love tame stories like this lol.Grats!

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