Patch 5.4 Arena Update

Wondering, can players still create/join Arena Teams, or are Teams being removed entirely for Personal Ratings?

think teams are gone, it will be like RBGs, just not as easy to manipulate

this is a wonderful change, and contrary to what some believe, apparently there are supposed to be more titles handed out, especially with all the increased competition and variety, this is the best change they've done all expansion

And you care what other people do? As long as they don't bot, steal, or hack. I don't care what players do. They pay their money just as you do. And if you are worried about competition go play real sports. This is a video game. not real life.

People like myself play online games solely because they're online and therefore competition capable, to test skills in a video game is plenty valid, no different than saying, this is just a soccer game, not real life

Don't belittle competition and skill in video games, there are tournaments that are rewarded, there is skill involved, it's as important as anyone wants it to be, some people just take things more serious than others, i couldn't care less about what happens in soccer, but i am very interested in what happens in the arena
Yeah arena takes skill with no repitition. I am not saying pve takes no skill... but pve is: learn it and that's it! it does not change after that. You know everything that will happen in an encounter with very little influence for change. PVP is different all the time.
The merge of the battle groups, especially since the decline in arena participation, is a much welcomed change. I look forward to a larger player base to compete against (great help to PvPers on low pop realms too).

However, one thing I would like to know is if the rating system will follow the current Arena or Rated BG system.

If it is like RBGs, where player rating gains and losses will be directly affected by the personal rating of team mates, it will create an environment that will be difficult for players to grind up to their capable MMR.
  • 1. NOBODY will play with a character that is 100+ CR below them. They will simply lose too many points per loss and not gain enough for a win. This will make it difficult for fresh 90's to grind their arena rating.

  • 2. RBG-like personal rating would not create an environment that is not appropriate for arena. It requires a substantial amount of time, patience, communication, practice, and simply games completed (whether won or lost) in order to perfect strategies and the synergy between a team. As is the case in RBG life, players will probably leave after one or two losses because the consequences will now be more severe.
  • 3. I'm assuming W-L will be included on the player's records? These things are actually considered when inspecting a player. If any emphasis on W-L continues, it will just cause players to be more cautious of their team mates, resulting in less participation and situations like #2. (Alternatively, after acknowledging at how random this might be, W-L will probably be watered down to something like 50-50.)
  • 4. "opponents will be selected based on the average Match Making Rating of your party". Is this how it already is? I don't know. Regardless, this is bad for both high-rated and low-rated players. Consequently, if a team has a character with a very high MMR (which will be encountered due to #1 since they need to grind their rating), it will place low-rated players opponents they are not prepared for, and skilled/experienced players against opponents they will most certainly outplay.
  • 5. This will punish players who really enjoy arenas and try to remain competitive at the same time. We will not be able to try out comps because its different and sounds fun or play with random people more freely, for we will no longer have the option of resetting our W-L or rating.
  • How is MMR conserved between seasons? If MMR is not reset, it will just intensify these issues.

    I hope the rating system is similar to that of arenas, more so that the personal rating of each player does not affect how much rating each player on the team gains/loses after a win/loss. Gains and losses reflected by MMR, and not personal rating, would help alleviate the concerns and situations mentioned above; no one would be punished if their team mates was of a lower CR.
    Don't give paladins BURDEN OF GUILT just so they can have a flipping fear on players and beast you call it turn evil that is crap. we have enough fearing classes Paladins are to OP now if you make that change I am deleting all my toon's and burning all my disc's you WILL lose a player of over 9 years if you give PALADIN's FEAR over PC's.

    No teams from my understanding. Just personal ratings.
    Pallies Are not OP all they have is a burst right now and a couple stuns its about time they gave pallies a boost yay for blizzard
    this is BY FAR the best thing that's ever happened to WoW
    So we can just sit in 2's all season and possibly get a title??
    can you make changes so I dont have to see a hunter, or disc priest in every single match?

    Interesting. I'm assuming for example, you'll still be able to group with say the same 2 people from your previous 3's team, and que for 3's?

    Yeah, but it would show your skill. Specially like if a rogue can take on a Death Knight.

    skill has nothing to do in 1v1s
    Now to get us skirmishes back, thatd be wonderful

    Man, could you tell me what Skirmishes were? I started playing in the last PvP season of Cata and Idt they were in the game then. I always see people talking about them but I'm not 100% sure what they were. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!
    what would really be cool would to allow cross faction teams. Being able to partner up with a horde friend and do an arena. That would be fun :)
    With this new region wide change, do you guys plan on placing everyone into west coast LOCATED servers when entering arenas/bgs? because for us oceanic players playing on east coast servers isn't really an option(300+ latency)... Would love a response to this so I can determine if I should cancel my sub or not.
    mmmmm, dat lack of blue interaction
    Still waiting, I guess posting on the arena forums isn't going to get any blue attention though.
    07/01/2013 09:25 AMPosted by Dagnarus
    Don't really like Arena
    "...but I'll post in the Arena forums anyway because, darn it, I got nothing better to do."

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