Mystery Men is recruiting

We are looking for a few good men and women to fill our ranks for raiding and social interactions. We are currently building our first 10-man team and need tanks, healers and non-warlock ranged DPS. Believe it or not we are warlock heavy at the moment but will welcome more. We also enjoy doing older raids for achievements, mounts and facerolling bosses that used to faceroll us :) We also like to do the occasional silly events to blow off steam.
Mystery Men is made up of seasoned players of the mature age, couples and families. Our guild conversations are clean of most language and rated-R topics are kept to when the kiddos are not online.
If you are interested, please visit our website and feel free to whisper me in-game if you have any questions. My toons are Florreith, Brokkin and Peirdie.
We look forward to talking with you.
We don't bite. I promise!!
Decided this needed a bump - Please whisper me in game if you have any questions.
We are still looking for a few good players. . .
Guild is recent transfer, rebuilding, has rated in realm top 10 in the past in 10-man and 25-man. A great group of people, no drama, helpful, highly organized (even the bank vault) ... can't ask for a better group of folks to hang out with or raid with. They are the reason I keep coming back to this game. You want to feel like you are part of a team and not just a number? Hit us up!
Our doors are also open to anyone just looking for a fun social atmosphere Hit me up at Florreith#1230 with any questions.
You guys need a dps warrior?
We are a little melee heavy but will welcome anyone looking to raid - we rotate raiders so everyone raids and hopefully we can fill two raid groups at some point.
Tank, healer/dps OS, mage needed for raid group 1. Those are 3 top needs atm but we're also wanting to get a second 10-man going so we are open to discussion for all. If you have some raid leading experience or think you have what it takes to raid lead, that's a bonus. :D
We are slowing fill our ranks but looking for a few more - Frustrated that you can't get into ToT without ToT experience - look us up. You don't need ToT experience just gotta know that fire is BAD.
Holy crap! I was in you guys' guild wayyyyyy back in the day. Only toon name I remember is Souldoubt. He still play?
Yes he does - He is our resident Boom Chicken :)
Topper! Dude! I remember you from waaaaay back! Whazzup? I think I was playing either Anaksunamun or Qarizma back when you were in MM.
looking for a ranged dps?
ANAK!! Yeah, I remember you....IN THE MOUNTAINS. Just want to throw out there that even though Im in disconnect, Im not a raid team member or anything so if you need a warm body for anything I'd be happy to help! Tusqvarna#1324
looking for a ranged dps?

btw we leave the light on.....
if your tired of the same old stuff and want a new view, then Mystery Men is your guild.
Looking to fill up second 10-man raid group now. Strongly desire an experienced tank, a healer or two, one melee dps, and 2 ranged. If you have prior raid leading experience that's a plus. Come find out what the Mystery is....
Bumping this - we are currently in need of tanks and healers. We have a second raid group that we are look to form to get all our members and prospective members raiding every week. Please whisper me if interested. Battletag: Florreith#1230
I can fill a spot for social interactions until I get geared up. I'm going to school in a month and will be getting a mic then.. so should I wait to join?

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