[H] <CHRIS> 7/13H Recruiting

Currently 7/13H ToT.

CHRIS are looking to recruit a geared and skilled healer (Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk) for our main 5.4 progression team.

If interested please submit an application via the website.


What times do you raid?
We set aside time for Wed, Thurs, Sun and Mon from 7:15pm - 10:30pm server/AEST. We set aside 4 nights to allow flexibility with life, but generally only raid 3 of those (Wed, Thurs and Sun)

What does CHRIS mean?
Captain Harriet's Raiding Inspiration Sensation.

Due to growing a little older we have time constraints, so while we're skilled players who take progression seriously we also enjoy having a laugh and putting our feet up. Considering us as 'semi-retired' hardcore raiders wouldn't be inaccurate.

Where did you come from?
Previously we were tucked away on Dath'Remar. A few of our players decided they wanted a break. No problems from CHRIS, it's a completely understandable desire. Given the server demographics and our want to remain as Horde we had trouble recruiting, we decided Saurfang is somewhere with potential to feed our insatiable thirst for progress.

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