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This authour is astonished that World of Warcraft has been going on for as long as it has, has been as successful as long as it has, and has been interesting and engaging as long as it has. Even someone like me, who has played most of those years, there are still undiscovered corners of this game that I will stumble upon occasionally, small gaps in my knowledge filled in like a paint-by-numbers image, an image with really tiny details occasionally requiring a very small brush and steady hands.

And even with the characters that have vacuumed up a lot of my time, even with the frontier-less empire that has been constructed with my small army, and the mighty gold-making war machine that sustains and nourishes it, I consider I really have only explored marginally more than a third of this game.

When I was the new guy, I had a hunter on Sargeras realm.

I later moved to Turalyon, became a healer with a Paladin.

BC came and went.

During Lich King, I moved a character to Saurfang realm, wanting to join my Southern Hemisphere brethren in Azeroth. Over a span of months my other characters where transferred over.

During Cataclysm and now Mists, I expanded my roster of characters to where I am today.

And in the years to come, I will look back on this span of time and wonder if it was all worth it, I had fun then and I am still having fun now. Time does not permit me to commit myself to as much of the game as I would like, but that is how life goes, we as players change, our characters and our outlook on the game changes. Sometimes, life gets in the way, with relationships, work, family and other milestones in our lives.

But I think I will look back on this time, and all the people I've met, all the stories I have to tell, and all the things that came and went like a neap tide across the years, both within World of Warcraft and my life in general, and I will be certain that this was never time wasted, because I have spent it in the company of great people, each and every one of you, even if our paths have never crossed.

You are all truly great people. Thankyou.

TL;DR. So how long have you been playing World of Warcraft? What were you like when you were just starting out? Do you like the game as much now as you did then?

Tell us your story.
Awesome answer Zeph.

Were some readers ever around when Battlegrounds first started? And you had to travel to where it was? None of this "Teleport to battleground" nonsense they have nowadays. For Horde players, Warsong Gulch, one of the first ones to open, was easy to get to, being in The Barrens. For Alliance, we had to fly in to Astranaar and, being below level 40, had to run there on a long road to the instance portal. Sargeras was a PVP realm, and that road became known as the Highway of Murder, or Gank Road as some called it. It became a blood-spattered, skeleton strewn PVP free-for-all that rivaled even the biggest Southshore/Tarren Mill stoush.

Yeah I loved battlegrounds then. I survived Gank Road.
I started a few months after the game came out on the US server Perenolde, there were just a few people starting to hit 60, and battlegrounds had just been added.

I played an undead warrior and PvP’d about twice as much as I levelled. It took me 20 days /played to hit 60, and another 20 to hit rank 11 to get the epic mount. And yes this was looooong before you could que for these places without actually going there. There was a great sense of community around the BG ques.

I then joined a guild some RL friends had gotten into while I was away PvPing, where I met my fiancé and a bunch of cool guys I still play with today, cant wait for flexi raid to make that more rewarding again now that I spend so much time on this server.

Ended up leaving this guild for an oceanic timed guild called <Downunder> to raid, this is where I met Shebull (the same one around today, he followed me here, sorry). We cleared MC quickly and my warrior was lucky enough to be given the legendary mace from rag when it dropped and I had no idea what it was. We moved quickly though BWL also, in no small part thanks to the mechanics of the instance being largely threat based and our OT at the time (in his good old 31/0/10 arms tanking spec) who developed the first threat meter (KTM) just in time for us to get to Vael, and kill him on our first night. He ended up leaving and creating Not Steamboat with his brother, which was (#1?) a very strong oceanic guild until they left for rift. We ended up hitting AQ 20/40 when they came out, clearing to twins in AQ40 before people started to fragment for the upcoming BC expac. Did a little Naxx but we were far too noob to know what to make of it.

By the end of vanilla I had a very geared warrior and a T2 warlock.

In BC Downunder left for an oceanic server, and I stayed behind with my woman. The panicle of raiding for me was now ZA and we cleared it in KZ and VP gear for bears. I was on my Rogue at this point, and PvPing on my warlock.

Wrath was the same deal, running 10m on my rogue till the end of Ulduar where we needed lust for Algalon, and I swapped to shaman and started healing. Completed this entire expac in an exclusive 10m doing all the content while current except heroic LK. Towards the end of ICC we made the move to Saurfang with a few other kiwi guildies (Rockmellon and his Bro) we had found, and some of their friends who had been PvPing until now. (Azuba and Freshest) and some of their friends.. etc etc. We finished off ICC with Descendants, and finally got that heroic LK kill.

In Cata we formed our own kiwi 10m and got stuck in, and managed to be the only guild to clear the tier. T12 and T13 were similar, not quite being able to push as hard as we would have liked and being slowed down with various issues, but we completed the tiers competitively none the less.

During that time I have raided with most of the better raiders on this server, and made a name for myself as a competent resto shaman. IAC had a rough patch at the start of Mists but still managed to kill a few bosses, and have pulled it back recently despite a slow start to ToT. The group is now looking stronger than ever imo, even vs the T11/12/13 groups, and we are focusing on getting some returning players gear.

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