Good dressy trasmog for Monk

I'm one of those guys that hates looking at legging. I want that cloth "dress" look. I know there is healer sets out there somewhere that has this "Dress" look but I can't seem to find one I can grab. Anyone have any ideas?
<-- Kilts are in.
<---What I am using on mine. Want some new gloves tho.
i found a good leather robe look i used till just recently

Acid-Eaten Vest
Komachan - anything like that not in black temple a bit easier to get. thanks
<--- no, you cannot haz
I really dig the Moonglade robes myself.
Orange dresses are the new in. Green is so last year.
I can't stand dresses.

Wish there were some pants that had the design cut as the leggings to this chest piece.
I came across a nice Sarong that I stuck in the bank for future XMOGs while farming LFD leveling.

Should be easy for you to farm up a Windscale Sarong
I prefer it to be called a battle kilt >=(
Orange dresses are the new in. Green is so last year.
I'm passe, it's ok. I'd actually prefer red. Orange is close, but it's not red. Very nice how it goes with the fan :)
I prefer it to be called a battle kilt >=(

you look too much like a death knight or a rogue in those colors lol
I'm pretty fond of mine.
the current tier set has a dress version
drops from Tortos
Mine is the best. If you "show helm" on mine, you'll be provided with further proof that mine is the best.
Red robes are the best robes
Blizzard needs to add some Hakama and Keigoki looking gear(leather of course).

Of course, those are traditionally more for kendo/samurai than for monks.
Red is grand - I had a green set up until recently though. I've been trying to build a decent blue set, but just can't seem to pull it together right.
I enjoy my current mog.

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