I got to 90 on this one a few weeks back leveled from 1. I am doing pretty good Ithink most of the time. I have a few questions though.

What add on do people use to track inquisition, if any? Anything with a sound that can play?

Any macro suggestions?

Gear/Gemming corrections or suggestions? What gems are people using for ret PvP currently?

Haven't had the chance to do raid DPS, but I'm looking forward to it. I have all malev gear except trinkets.
Gear looks good so far, just need to get your engineering up for tinkers. WeakAuras is is probably what you want for an audio Inq warning.

Two best Ret macros are probably the following, as they make shifting from ST to AoE a breeze:

/cast [mod] Hammer of the Righteous; Crusader Strike

/cast [mod] Divine Storm; Templar's Verdict
I suggest for pvp you take a look and vanguard's sticky he is one of the top PVP ret paladins currently and his guide is solid and will save someone alot of writing.

Sim yourself often in gear as many of the ret threads will tell you strength and haste depending on gear level change. They also change with the trinkets you have so make sure you are keeping up to date.

I personally use nothing for inq and keep it up, although at the beginning it was a pain it has become almost reactionary to look at my buffs (which a good buff bar may help) and see 5-8 seconds left on inq. I have more fun if there are more things to pay attention to. Other than that try to get the feather trinket from LFR as it is your best trinket choice for now and have some fun.

I feel like from your gear you should be fine to start poke around at ToT and that will of course improve your gear. If i had to guess i would say your dps should be somewhere in the region of 85-100k fully buffed.
I use clcret along with poweraura configured by a fellow paladin friend to track inquisition along with other cooldowns.
Thank you all very much for the information and where to look as well.
I suggest checking out needtoknow for an inquisition tracking addon. It takes a while to figure out but it's not hard once you do.
I use weak auras for both inquisition and sacred shield. Gives me a nice little screen pop when there's a specific amount of time left on each before I need to refresh. I have Inquisition set to 7 seconds which allows me to build up HoPo to refresh it. I have Sacred Shield set to 3 seconds.

The only macro I use is my burst

/case Execution Sentence
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Guardian of Ancient Kings
/use Potion of Mogu Power

Your gear and stats are coming along nicely. First thing I would upgrade though as you get VP, is the 522 trinket from Shado Pan Assault and hope for the Spark of Zandalar drop off of Horridon.
06/26/2013 09:12 AMPosted by Nimaj
The only macro I use is my burst

ES should be at the end of that macro; wasting a lot of damage potential by casting it before getting all those juicy buffs.
ES should be at the end of that macro; wasting a lot of damage potential by casting it before getting all those juicy buffs.

It shouldn't even be in the macro at all, at least not while Guardian is in it. He should be waiting to cast ES until he has 20 stacks of Ancient Power as well.

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