Fury warrior or hunter?

Just curious who has more survivability and who can dish out the most damage the fastest hate fighting those 3-4M hp daily bosses forever.

Also fun factor does come into play

Thanks in advance.
Hopefully its not to late at night
Hunter by far.....as fury your solo capabilities are limited to your second wind regen being > than damage taken or your burst being > their life total.

Hunters can kite until the cows come home pet or no pet. A hunter on Darkspear named Railgunqt just spends his days kiting the Kor'Kron elites by the dozens at a time and killing them.
Unless you have a ton of gear, Hunter.
It's pretty easy as a hunter, you should have no problems what so ever if you're looking for surviveability and damage in a ranged class. On top of that you can do damage on the run and dodge possible death, hell I think I've made a lil over 120k killing the kor'kron outside Org lol, when other classes can't do so so easily.

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