MM v Survival

First off, no, I wont play BM, I cant stand it.

Now, I love MM. But it seems that it is the lowest possible spec right now (and almost the lowest out of all the specs in the game). I dont mind Surv, but that isnt doing great either. Is MM viable for 480+, or does it completely drop off? Because I feel Ive hit a wall of DPS, where even if my ilvl goes up, my dps doesnt (about 20 ilvls and 1k dps increase?). Where can I find a record of average dps to find what spec is good now, and what one isnt? Ive tried, but I feel thats unreliable.

O a side note, does Lord Ahune drop a 480 agil cape? I know this isnt really the forum, but I dont wanna follow two different posts.
Ahune drops an Agi Crit/Haste cloak.

I wouldn't say that "SV isn't doing great", it's definitely better than BM on a lot of fights and it's not that far behind it on single target fights.

As for finding out what specs do what damage, I suggest simming yourself using FemaleDwarf. It tells you how much DPS your character would do under perfect conditions, so don't expect to actually hit that amount, but it is very good for showing differences in DPS as a result of gear or spec.
OMG, just found my twin lost brother!
MM gets better with a 522 Weapon, since so many shots are based on weapon damage.

As for MM vs SV. I'm with you Gajinu, I personally cant stand BM. I've been doing most fights now as MM. I'm 1st on some(looking at you Twins), 3rd or 4th on others( my DPS bane for some reason). But I do enough that I earn my raid spot.

When our other hunter raids, he typically beats me by a few thousand as BM, but he also has the legendary meta gem :(

But blah. Play what you want. ^_^

And agh, lost track of time, gotta get back to work before my lunch break is over!

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