Hunter pve DPS help

Howdy all,

So recently hit 520, but I keep thinking my DPS isn't improving as much as I would like.


Recent log:

Per noxic, i'm supposed to be in the 140k range x.x

For primordius and dark animus I was having issues with trying a different build so I'm only really looking at my rotation during the Durumu fight.

I'm specced BM, and I try not to ever get focus cap. Still need to work on getting a higher uptime on sting, but other than that, was wondering if there's anything else major I'm missing.

Hopefully someone can verify this but it looks like you only had 31 Kill Commands, and KC has a 6 sec CD.

So, 31*6 = 186 seconds = 3.1 minutes...but the fight lasted 8:42.

So it looks like you weren't using KC as often as you should have.

I'm no where near the best hunter out there so hopefully someone more knowledgeable can confirm this.
He actually had 53 kill commands in that log, you forgot to include the crits; however, this is only enough kill commands for a 5 minute 18 second fight. So you were correct with this problem.

Something that is SEVERELY hurting your DPS is your lack of legendary quest progression.

You are missing the extra socket in your weapon (160 agi) which is a small loss, but most importantly, You're missing the legendary meta which would net you 10-15k DPS, aswell as the 608 cape (which you could've had by now) which is another 15-20k+.

You are missing 4 piece, which generally gives you another 4.7% damage (which is also RPPM)

Currently, since you do not have your meta or 4p, i recommend you go back to a crit>haste>mastery build until you have both of those two things.

Edit: Also, don't match your belt socket bonus, it's not worth it.

Edit 2: You also have skinning as a profession. I believe this gives you 1% crit rating, which equates to 600 crit. 320 Agility is quite a bit better than 600 Crit.
Thank you for the reply. Will keep working on the legendary quest and regem/reforge to crit for now.

One of the problems I have with kill command in that fight is when I go for the adds, a lot of times we'll burn the add down as my pet runs to it, and then dies and runs back. Should I just turn off assist once the fight starts?
If you want your pet to switch targets, use this simple macro:

#showtooltip Kill Command
/cast Kill Command

If you do not use this macro, your pet will usually just kill command its current target.

Switching to adds on durumu should not be a DPS loss as long as you are spamming your KC macro. Kill command has an effect that makes your pet charge to the target (if it is within 25 yards, which durumu adds are).

An example of what should happen on a durumu add:

Spam that kill command macro until pet attacks the add (should really switch targets instantly), leave it on the add as you burn it down.
After the add is dead, you spam the same macro on the boss, and your pet should charge back to the boss, if not teleport back to it with Blink Strikes.

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