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Any Melburnians out there? If so which server are you on!

I use to play wow back in the days when LAN parties happened. Do those still happen? How times have changed :x
Yeh north west here alittle more Victoria though.

Used to spend countless nights untill sunrise at a friends net cafe in boxhill, some good times back then. ;)
South of Melbourne... Gundrak server.
Northern Melbourne here - Saurfang server :)
South West Vic, bout 3 hours from melb.
North East Here
as Melbourne is the city I want to move back to one day, I am looking to increase the amount of contacts and friends I have from that city, please feel free to add my tag Eliil#6907, please make the assumption that I'm a guy in real life though before you add lol. Moving in with people that like wow and the things that like what I like would be ideal. Miss that city terribly.
In between Melbourne and Bendigo, about an hour - hour and a half north of Melbourne.
Frostmourne player.
Werribee, western suburbs!

Went to Frostmourne because it's the Aussie capital of WoW :p
Frostmourne alliance, had a LAN party last year :) awesome!
Bayside/SE Melbs - Horde Tich
carlton - aman'thul
South-east here too! - on Proudmoore (Used to be on Nagrand)
Maribyrnong/ Dreadmaul
Taylors Lakes, Frostmourne
Brunswick - Frostmourne!
Northern suburbs for Me I pay frostmourne and warrior on saufang both horde (Tankorspank)

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