Pet Breeder

I'll Toss this out there see what you all think?

Hunters are one with nature and with the magic in Azeroth, the hunter have uncovered a new skill Pet Breeding.

Quest to gather mats to build your Incubator.
When hunters kill creatures there is a small chance of it dropping it's essence.
Hunters can combine essences to create a hybrid pet.
Incubation can vary in times depending on how many essences combined.
chance when pet is "born" It goes wild and attacks hunter.
No earth shattering OP pets but a very interesting variety of colors and skills, maybe a Epic glowing aura pet.

Examples. lion hawk cross, Pet can jump 30 yards to its target and stun for 2 seconds.
Tiger and ape mix. stripped gorilla with higher dodge rating.

lots of possibilities.
Will prob happen to battle pets instead, they dont like adding new complexity to a class. Also, this is another Idea that would take a ton of programing and development time, all for one class to enjoy.
tons of programing for sure but could be something for every class or professions. Framework remains the same.

Miners can get mysterious colored ore to smelt and blacksmiths add colors to Armor.
Picking herbs, maybe using plant extracts for cloth colors
Engineering, so many ideas to list.

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