Celestial Blessings Xuen's challenge broken

Bug Report
When doing Xuen's challenge (Melee DPS), Wrathion's semicircle AoE attack hits and deals damage even when I'm not standing in it.

1: Take Xuen's (Melee DPS) challenge for the Celestial Blessings (Legendary) quest.
2: Wait for Wrathion to do his semi-circle AoE attack.
3: Stand in the general area behind Wrathion, but not inside the dust clouds before it hits.

EXPECTED RESULT: No damage taken due to not being in the dust clouds when the attack hits.

ACTUAL RESULT: Damage taken when the attack hits as if you were still in the dust clouds, even though you are not in them.

PICTURE: http://imgur.com/h1djzfM
Yes it is. I have submitted two tickets. I even take damage if I leap out of it in time. Hopefully the slackers at Blizz will fix it. It's hard enough already.
Not only that, but Wrathion's attacks are suppose to damage the bloods but they don't. Also they are suppose to respawn every minute I've seen them pop thirty seconds in. Anybody else found that the hit box to get extra damage is insanely small? When you are behind him you are suppose to do extra damage but I just get normal damage unless I'm perfectly lined up.
Update: Here's a screenshot of the problem.

I am having these problems also.
This !@#$ is fantastically annoying.
After about 27 hours of trying i finally got him down. I am an assassination rogue but i specced into combat for this fight for the KS burst for the bloods. I also took a hint from the Brawler's guild and grouped up with a lock, rest shammy, and a rest druid. i got enough buffs to get my HP up well over 550K because with the bug of the bloods not dying survivability is more of an issue than actual damage done. Keep him stunlocked as much as you can and keep on him till the bloods spawn. I just kept Wrathion targeted and BF/KS the bloods they didnt die immediately but the dots finished them off. Once they were down switched off BF and blew him up with Adrnaline Rush/Shadow Blades. By the time the next set of bloods spawned he was going into the mirror phase i quickly blinded him and kited the bloods while dpsing them via Shuriken toss and keeping my health up with recoup. Since the second group of bloods didnt die from me i made sure to keep Evasion up and with the glyph it made the difference between a near kill and an actual kill. Other than that make sure you kick him when he casts interruptible spells make sure you get the celestial offering from the august celestials for the added buff, food (sauteed carrots for me not about to waste my good food on this :) ), flask, pre pot, and glyph and set your talents right and youll be gold. I hope this helps as a rogue I know we are the class having the most problems with this fight and I hope this helps. I will also list the talents/glyphs i used...GOOD LUCK :)
T1: shadow focus
T2: Combat Readiness
T3: leeching poisons
T4: Burst of Speed
T5: Dirty Tricks
T6: shuriken toss
Major Glyphs
Evasion, Blade Flurry, Adrenaline Rush
Minor Glyphs
Killing Spree, other two players choice
This thing is going to make me quit
is there any changes to this yet?? are the bugs fix?
I doubt they will fix it in 5.4 or near future. I have submitted 2 tickets to GM but both tickets they claim it is a bug but they think this bug is not affecting everyone.
So they won't even fully acknowledge this bug? Thats just freaking perfect.

The melee dps challenge of this quest is riddled with bugs and oversights.

For warriors specifically when you kill the adds they should trigger victory rush, but they don't.

Victory rush is our 2nd most important heal in PvE situations and it triggers when you kill the illusions spawned by Wrathion, but those blood things he spawns in however do not trigger it. Which is when victory rush is needed most due to the bloods immense dps output.

These bugs has basically broken my spirit to go on because I got so far in this questline only to get stopped by a buggy quest that Blizzard is dragging their feet in fixing.
Oh they acknolege it but people are still completing it regardless of the bug. There is a work around for a tank OS if u reset ur spec and go tank u go do teh tank challenge but u can have a shado pan companion or DP or alliance version if u use ur tokens to get one. This isnt a exploit i opened a ticket blizzard has np with us using this method so if u can tank and willing to reset ur talents by going to ur trainer and tanking this is ur solution.
But not everyone knows how to tank. Some of us prefer 1 playstyle - melee. Furthermore, Tank Challenge, Shado-Pan companion will not aggro the challenge as tank even you selected the tank version companion.

Furthermore, Darthwraith - you are a druid who can heal and tank, Warrior only got Impending Victory (talent) or Victory Rush and Second Wind which all does not work well for adds that does not grant heals.

My 3rd ticket to the GM, end up with Customer Service Representative who told me that too bug off cause this bug does not warrant a priority to fix at all. They only said the bug report is received and final and whether they will fix it or not, it is up to developers judgement. I also got a in-game chat with the GM one time cause i didn't bother to close the ticket, they insist the hardcore heroic raiders who did the PTR for this quest indicated the Melee Dps Challenge is not bugged at all.
IM well aware of different play styles tyvm i thot that since the OP was a warrior he might have OF once in awhile so i offered a solution that would still allow him to get teh dps cloak. Me i prefer dps my self but am looking at my work around as im having the same issue.
There's another bug with this fight which I've encountered.

Posted about it here, but I believe I encountered the bug described in this thread as well.

I did this fight in two hours of constant retrying, with both bugs very much around and in my way, took me a lot of bandaging, cooldown/dps rotation and well-timed attacks when he's arching.

Also, heroic geared guys in PTR not having problems with the fight? Why am I not surprised zzz
Died again every day for 20 times. It has been a routine of death and repairs. Haih.. So-called Big Developer and hardcore raiders who tweet thinks LFR players like myself should quit WOW when I tweeted that the quest is seriously bugged.
its bugged hard not impressed blizz been playing since 06 and you should do things better.
This broken quest excludes rogues, who do not have a tank spec, from progressing through the MoP storyline. If Blizz feels this bug does not effect everyone then they are discounting everyone who chose to play rogue the class in MoP. Blizz just listed on the PTR notes that the legendary quest continues in 5.4. But it will not continue for rogues.

I love this game; I love the MoP expansion; I love the legendary quest-line. Unfortunately, I have played much less since hitting this roadblock and my last post in this thread on 6/30. There is little reason to play my rogue as I am stopped from further progress in "the quest-line of the expansion." There is little reason to play my alts because I feel that the effort is worthless if I am to run into such roadblocks on the alts in the future. I love this game and do not want to be put in the position where the increasingly limited time I play is not worth the monthly fee.

Blizzard, please fix this. If you cannot fix this then hotfix the blood health to 100 hit points and reduce the crumbling arch damage significantly. In the end, trivializing the effort for melee DPS in this 1 step of the quest is a better solution than excluding rogues from completing the quest.
I just went Combat for this fight over 100 plus attempts . I just do not get whats wrong the 3rd blood set gets me every time
one thing i have noticed is that i am getting more and more bloods as the fight goes on is this normal? at one point i had 8 bloods chasing me

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