New Warrior Tier 16

It's Fugly. Looks like they threw the Cataclysmic pvp armor into a blender and thew it onto a wall. The PVP set is way better looking!
cant say im a fan. there are some parts of it that look alright but overall it looks like they decided to take a pretty boring pvp looking set and spice it up a little. I dont think its awful but I was hoping for much cooler from what would probably be considered climax raid of the expansion.
wow that looks hideous, and i can sympathize, because priest t16 is hideous too. :/
The more i look at it and think about it, the more i hate it.

What's truly ridiculous is that there's an iconic warrior look that would be perfect for this tier: Kor'kron! Make an armor set that looks like the Kor'kron armor, but jazz it up a little. Use the basic yellow armor as a foundation, and build something epic off of that. Or use Nazgrim's red armor as inspiration. Or, gasp, Garrosh himself! It shouldn't look like you're just wearing the NPC armor, but that should've been the starting point. Like we took the armor from our defeated enemies, reinforced it, made it better, and then wore it in victory!

3 great sources of inspiration for this tier, and instead we get this mess.
what gets me really pissed is we are going up against garrosh who is a warrior you would think they have based it on his damn armor would have looked better then this shiny bunch a crap
I feel like I'm one of the only warriors who actually like the set... :/
(Besides the helm, I could careless for it.)
what gets me really pissed is we are going up against garrosh who is a warrior you would think they have based it on his damn armor would have looked better then this shiny bunch a crap
To be fair, the pvp set actually seems to draw inspiration from garrosh, just something about how both him and the set have a big skull on one shoulder.

Personally, I'm waiting till I can see it on an orc. For humans, the gaps in the armor just doesn't look good. I will say that the shoulder/helm combo really looks more bulky then most recent warrior gear has. Until I can see it on orcs, I'm going to have to say challenge mode>season 12>tier 16>season 13>dungeon sets>tier 15>tier 14.

At first I hated it, but then I realized, hey, Im UD and we slouch alot. I bet it'll look like I have an arc reactor on my balls.

It should shoot unibeams everytime I perform a shout emote. That would be epic.

Has a fellow race stuck in a permanent slouch, I couldn't agree more.
Eh, this whole expansion has had rather crappy sets. Challenge mode set was the only good set, imo.
I wish they would just add a face mask or something. The open helm look is a little strange, if I was any other class I would just throw my weapon at the gap in a warrior's faceplate. The glow on the armor is a little strange as well. Why blue?! It doesn't match the set, it doesn't match the theme of the raid. I don't "hate" it. But there are some serious no brainers in the concept that need work. It's Orgrimmar make the glow red at least, and maybe a different color glow for each version.

The first two coloration are amazing. The last one meh.
That looks awful. Not that it matters with transmog in the game, but nothing about that catches me. Hell, I can't even tell what I'm looking at. I was really hoping for something that screamed "Orc!" out of the Warrior set for this tier. I have no idea what this screams. "Albatross particles!" maybe?
Nope, I won't wear it.
Season 14 set? Well.. That's a different story. That's probably the best set I've seen in years from Blizzard on Warriors.
I like it. Belt light is perfect. Lets just say this Lighthouse directs ships as our belt light directs our mates.
Tier has sucked ALL through this expansion, i hated the Mogu armour we currently get but now it looks like that its going to be the best for the expansion.

Blizzard needs to fire some artists the Mage tier looks lazily similar to the one they got in Dragon Soul.
Seriously they should have given us Faction based tier this last raid, was actually expecting it all expac like we got in TOC. dreadful dreadful...
It reminds me of that old T9 was it? the one where all plate was the same and all cloth was the same? Better than that one of course but still...
TERRIBLE. Please change this set. None of the warrior community likes it.
Yeah, it's weak. The Druid and Paladin look pretty amazing and do a good job of carrying the new design concept without losing the class identity in the process. Kudos on those ones, at least. I can't find myself coming around at any point on the Warrior set's design, though. It doesn't seem to represent any one aspect of anything—it's a jumbled mess of lights, spikes, fur, bent metal, and other barely distinguishable patchworks. Everything between the knees and helmet is a big hot mess.
Terrible looking.

Mishmash of different stuff that simply does not go together. Spikes randomly strewn about, tomahawks on our shoulders, lights that look like junk - plus the color patterns are terrible. There's so little color variation that it'll end up at a distance just blending in to itself, which means in order to see any detail other than the lights, you'll have to be zoomed in. Textures just look lazy.

Guess I'll just keep wearing Onslaught and Purple DS tier.

Really wish they'd bring back the neckguard shoulder style.

And to think, this should've been the tier that Warriors shone - since we're fighting a warrior as the end boss. We can only hope at this point that the off-tier pieces look nice enough to transmog to if we want anything new.

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