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Hi Everyone! Im fairly new to WoW and im looking for people to hang out and enjoy the game with, i have quite a few characters on Saurfang so i would prefer not to start somewhere else but im simply for looking for other people that i can enjoy the game with and perhaps teach me a few things, My Battletag is NzIIAngel#6335.
Well I would love to hear from anybody as I really enjoy WoW but in the short amount of time I had friends playing with me I enjoyed it a lot more, I look forward to hopefully hearing from someone soon :D

Forum Mods Note: I apologise if this is in the wrong area, I used the search function but could not find anything active of any relevance, If you need to move this thread, I understand.
burn in a fire
Nice to meet you too.
thank you
Awesome, I appreciate the advice a lot!

I will definitely have a look around and see if I can join a decent guild, in terms of Factions, I have one horde player, a level 37 Orc Mage, nothing all that special i know.

I've often been very confused by the Dungeons in terms of ettiquette and stuff like that so I'll keep an eye out from now on to make sure I don't really piss anyone off and make sure im getting gear that goes with my shaman...

Thankyou for all the help! :D
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likely get kicked by Hunters who need Agility Mail gear

Even if we don't need it, we will kick you anyway. We're bastards like that.
Haha I've gotten confused a couple of times and ran into a battle before tank, NOT a good idea!
Hi Borair, welcome to Azeroth

There is a forum section called New Player Help and Guides under Gameplay and Guides that you might find helpful.
Thanks! I will check it out so thanks for the advice.
Hey Borair, you should try contacting Eruptor in game. (He is on Horde however), he's also a fellow shaman and a really nice guy looking for friends.
Hi Borair! I am still new to WoW like you (less than 3 months lol):) Nice to meet you! Although I don't play shammy or alliance in this server, I would love to hang out:)

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