Looking For Advice Pretty Please

Hey all, I'm looking to main this toon as a tank. I feel like I'm doing okay so far in LFR but am wanting to make the jump up to actual raiding.

I'm wondering if some of you more experienced tanks could take a look at my setup and let me know what you think. I know I desperately need new rings and a second trinket. Maybe some advice there? And lemme know what you think of my gemming/reforging. Ive been using mr robot to cap my hit to cap> exp to cap> haste > mastery.

Thanks for the tips!
If you're only doing LFR you probably don't need all of that stamina. AMR's default settings assume you're doing heroic progression difficulty so it really piles on the stamina. Try swapping some out for more secondary stats. You have barely any haste right now.

The other thing to do is look at what bosses drop what items and set your loot specialization accordingly. Unless you need a weapon/shield off a boss, the Ret items they drop are often better.

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