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Hey guy's,

I am currently locked onto my server. All my RL mates are on Khaz so I am unable to transfer anywhere. I was wondering if any bored, yet half decent ferals or rets would be willing to transfer over for some 2v2 funzies. The playstyle is way too fun and that's what this games all about. I have spammed my trade messages for about 2 weeks looking for suitable partners but to no avail.

My playtimes are normally 9AM - 1PM & 12AM - 3AM. Oceanic (Australian) server time. I know, horrendous hours but I can't help that. I'm hoping maybe someone who plays similar times might bite at this.

Although I have 2k exp, I am not expecting to get this as I just wanna play for funzies, but please have some experience otherwise won't be as fun.

I hate the play style of dps/healer - They just sometimes go forever!

I am a non stressed, happy and friendly person and if you have any questions or whatever I'm happy to chat with you.

Willing to go havlies in a transfer if that is what you're willing to do.

Whisper me anytime if I am on, happy to answer all questions.

Take care

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