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WoW the End Game
For so long we have fought, your skills grew with defeat, still you came.
all the time, lore had told us our history had started the same.
Only the orders we where given shaped our vision. we had no choice. we had to mistrust and kill one and another.
Still we tried to communicate, together we stood. Divided we would fall.
Once again the orders changed, new languages issued. no longer could we speak the same tongue.
Ganking became common place. The weak prayed upon, the strong defeated thru numbers. We had become dependant, largers guilds formed. No longer was it skill to be one but team work. A new aspect arose. Guild leaders rose to the fore, those with skill and organisation skills became generals. With might they led forces upon each other. Raids upon each other cities became common battle grounds.
The orders had succeed, we had no choice, we had to fight.
Until, in a single battle i watched a well geared player /wave. It wasn't the first time i had seen this but was the first time i had seen a player willing to die trying to unite. The lowbie emoted a /saluted his kill and waited for him to rez, he had understood. This was many years ago. Common goals can be archieved thru simple gestures, while an understanding of mortal enemies need to be resumed.
Due to either lack of foresight or commercial requirements a choice was made to reduce delevopment of WoW. Servers have been shelved and numbers of online players have dropped. More realms have been ear tagged to be shelved its only a matter of time before regions will close.
Many have left, i did. like many, i missed it and came back. The friends, the arch enemies and best of all the tear down the cheek from laughing so much. We can't force blizz to pick up the ball and return our game to what it was like. We need to tell them what we want. We need to help newbies, answer their questions. To keep the game alive. Most of all we need to give blizz a reason. We need to /wave and give them new ideas to attract attention.
Think about the game, what would be fun for you? Me? I Pvp now days, its fun. I would suggest things like: during pvp if you ride your pvp mount into battle you get either bonus buffs or points. Tho if your killed, your mount can be stolen, kept or sold. umm diconnect shouldn't be deserter or game buttons should be reduced to 5 like gw2.
Some may argue 5 button may reduce skill more, i disagree. i believe with a simple motive actions, skill intellect would improve. It may even allow for something only either well known players or leets can afford. Not to be in a guild and play solo. To restrict a game to team work (guild base) only reduces it to dependancy of friends availbilty. Those that may not have social skills will excel in both. Maybe blizz could introduce solo dungeons based on solo or 2 player with cgp's directly related to player stats? eg: 1- 2 players and 3 cgp geared to stats. I don't know.
I've played many online games but always seem to come back to Wow. None seem to have a good end game like WoW does.
I'm not right. Please feel free to bag me out, thats what the game needs.
besides, quote, "i do have a special set of skills, i will find you, i will hunt you down and I will kill you" (added)" horde are just fodder for my well being"


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