[A10] Classic | 10/14 H SoO | LFM DPS

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<Classic> is a 10man raiding guild on Frostmourne Alliance and is lead by previous high level raiders and 2400+ arena/RBG players. We're a serious guild on a casual timetable with a focus on progression raiding.

What does this mean?
Classic was created by players who have, and understand, real world commitments which may limit potential raiding time. As such we raid in a very limited time frame which mandates a serious and highly focussed attitude to our raiding.

What do we expect of you?
We expect that each of our raiders have comprehensive knowledge of their class and the ability to perform at the highest level in a consistent fashion. Furthermore, a thorough understanding of encounter mechanics and how to adapt and plan for them.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, is the ability to take criticism and use it to improve.

What can you expect from us?
A fun and friendly attitude outside of raids (or farm content). We have scheduled Flex/Normal runs for alts and regular members which are open to anyone that can pull their weight. Core members receive chants, gems, flasks, pots, food, repairs and nudes of Bencricket. Last one is not optional.

During progression you can expect a more subdued and mature discussion about tactics and the encounters. But the point here is that it IS a discussion. Suggestions and tweaks are encouraged and tested until we no longer feel there is an issue with strategy.

Raid Times
Sunday: 7pm SVT - 10pm SVT
Monday: 7pm SVT - 10pm SVT

Siege of Orgrimmar: 10/14 Heroic


2 x amazing DPS - hybrid classes with geared OS are considered very highly (yes this includes Tank OS)

Don't let the preferences turn you away, exceptional players of any class and role are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please visit http://www.classic-guild.info/sections/howtoapply/

Feel free to contact either Boodizz (Boodizz#1425), Bencricket (Luchin#6874) or Ayslin (Aislin#1800) in game or on here if you have any questions.
Gl men. Slay dem dragons
I am interested.

Battlenet Fleas#1170

I am on a different server. I can fill a dps or tank role on several classes.
Cheers Front! Still LF 1 Healer

Still need a healer and a tank.
Bump! Still got a healer and DPS spot open
hey just wondering if you could add my btag koli#1729 so we could have a chat, thanks!
Hi Aeon - I'll add you when I get home.

Also bump.
Would be interested in a reserve slot for now if nothing is available.

495 ilvl guardian MS/Feral OS currently.

Previous hardcore raider in Cata and WOTLK. Main's achieves are listed below

Bump top blokes boodizz rank 1 priest/warlock in my heart
Hey guys, i have a slightly lower ilvl than the previous guardian druid that posted, but i would still like to put my name forward if you are in need of a Tank, everything i have read about your guild is what i am looking for and rofladins undying love screams the world to me :) let me know if you want to trial me, i have just came back to wow since having a 6 month break.
Sin & Phat, I will contact you in game.

Thanks for the love Rofl, good to see you still around!
Still looking for that last healer!
fill in dps would be great :)

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