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Bump - 2 weeks in and bosses are dying. Still need a Rogue!
Hey guys,
I'm a fury warrior, with prot off spec (485/462) coming back to wow after a short break recently. My ilevel is not up to scratch at the moment but I can turn that around quickly enough. Would you be interested in having me as a sub once my gear is more viable? I really enjoy raiding and just looking to find a group of people to have some fun with! I've raided ds, msv and HoF. Also your raid times work perfectly for me, so attendance wouldn't be an issue. Hope to hear back from ya, cheers.
Still after a healer? I've only just returned to my Holy Pally after a long long break but have 6/12 ToT XP on my other character. Hit me up if your looking. Still gearing but have only been 90 for a week :P
Ret Paladin 495 ilvl Continuing LFR this week should peek to 500

Don't let the name fool you, Please add Overdosn#1553, for further discussion

Will apply in Forum Now for Ret Paladin Position.

Benface is attractive.
Would love a solid ret pal!
Ret 520 ilvl LF Raid Group.
Oh Adjy.. If you WERE actually 520 I may consider yo ass
Looking like a might be a bit late, but this definitely is something I am interested in. Added im-game, looking forward to talking with you :)
Bump - looking for a beastly Mage, Boomy or Ele
Recruitment needs have been updated.

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