MM Hunters should be able to duel wied.

Title says it all,MM Hunters need something to bring back the WOW! Factor, I think MM should be able to duel wield much like fury warriors where the off-hand does less damage but still does good damage overall.
MM did do something to bring back the "wow". They complained so much about bm being easy / faceroll / noobish that it got and is still getting nerfed to the ground. That pretty much made me go "WOW!" tbh.

As for your idea, people have wanted that as a hunter thing for a while now and not just for mm hunters.
Dual wield *what*? They'd have to introduce a whole new category of 1h ranged weapons, like pistols, or those 1h crossbows from D3. (How do you reload those things, anyway?)

Personally, I've never been a fan of how they designed so many stumpy "2h" weapons after TG was introduced because a real 2h weapon would look too silly when used one-handed -- it makes the actual 2h users look strange using both hands for what is little more than a bastard sword.

But longbows would have the same problem even worse. Wielding a longbow one-handed would be beyond ridiculous. Long guns and full-sized crossbows wouldn't be much better.

I would much rather have visible quivers, whether they also have stats or not. Although that would be a bit odd for guns -- maybe bandoliers? That could be cool. (I assume we're talking 6.x here, because any of these changes and the itemization that would have to go with them are probably way too drastic for mid expansion.)

P.S. Plus, dual pistols may look cool in movies, but the Mythbusters proved they suck for actually hitting things.
Hmm... I feel that for MM actually look like MM, it should have (Hyphotethical numbers ahead): Increased critical effects for other skills other than Aimed Shot, but in a lower base (Like 30% perhaps) for targets with x% of health (Prob while stationary to reflect the idea of a better aim). [Reflects the idea of more precise hits having the chance to hit harder]; A passive increase of 5 yards of attack range OR an active skill that increase the attack range by 15 yards for 8 seconds (More or less) at the cost of reduced movement speed (From 100 to 75% sounds nice) with a 1 min cooldown. [Sniping, useful for most PvP situations, can't speak about PvE unfortely]

For me, that would make MM look like a ranged sniper more than dual wileding for DPS, since the game has no 1h ranged weapons (Wands and Throwing knifes perhaps, but... meh) like Cathalia pointed out.
For looks, sure, But actualy dual wielding. Lets add up what that would entitle.

Double the hit and expertise requirement (true for melee dual wielders).
MAssive revamp of hunter mechanics (after all, our spells are baed on the weapon damage of our main hand weapon, dual wieilding would have to compensate for this)
Addition of 1 handed weapons, across the entire level curve that had them (and it would have to be lower in lvl like titans grip in order for hunters to not have to relearn their entire spec after leveling to 95 as this kind of change would require massive changes) Unless ofcourse we are only dual weilding guns or xbows, then it would have to be a titans grip mechanic, which would look rather ridiculous.

Add in the compensation for other classes to get their own new class or spec specific special weapons, and the greatly increased loot table for these new weapons.

Now, if it were a special ranged weapon that behaved as 1 weapon but looked like dual wielding 2, that could be managed and would only require work from the graphics team.
Well my hopes for duel wielding just got shot down :(
the "title" does say it all :)
Not meaning to shoot you down, its just we already have hunter only weapons, our pet mechanic gets so much attention every expansion, we lose no dps when moving. Going further and revamping us to dual weild would require a little to much extra work accross the entire game content, and the giving other classes class specific weapons isnt strictly nessesary, its just other classes would have major issues with us geting all that special attention for weapons.

As I said, if it was a special 2 hander that had a special model that resembled dual wielding, but behaved as a single weapon mechanically, then this is something that blizzard could feasibly give us, it would simply require more work for the animation and graphics team to work through to make said animations for all the different races, once that was out of the way, it would be similar to all of our various weapon models to add more.
If anything, Marksmanship should be the spec to NOT get dual wield if they ever add dual ranged weapons. Marksmanship, concept wise, is a sniper. They've just failed to correctly make the spec play as such.
What's "duel" wield?

On topic, nah. Maybe in 6.0. Dual wielding longbows and rifles would just be silly and loot tables have enough bloat as it is, so 1h xbows are impractical. At least now, mostly every weapon is used by two or more specs. I'm all for having the longbow/rifle models change to look less dumb if you're in a MM DW spec though. Make the rifles go to pistols and the bows go to 1h bows.

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