King Krush

I've got an awesome collection going but there is one I don't have yet. King Krush seems to be evading me (that or I'm just not up when he is). I know he has three different spawn locations. While I don't camp him for hours at a time, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where he spawns the most. I've been told the north part of the map by the Glimmering Pillar is where many have found him. That or he has been seen wandering around by the Skyreach Pillar. I don't mind flying to all three of his is just that I'm driving myself crazy constantly flying from spawn point to spawn point.

Thanks in advance for the help.
He paths a lot, whatever point he spawns at, he will patroll around alot. And its random, and roughly even spawn rates after this much time. The issue will be other people taming him, or killing him for the northerend rarespawn achieve.

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