True Marksman spec?

So.. I was thinking..

Would you guys like a true Marksman spec? I mean, all of our specs have pets. What if there was a Marksman spec that sacrifices your pet/pet damage for more ranged benefits. I mean, when you think of the MM spec, there are no benefits for your pet when using MM, so I feel they're not really necessary.

Such as 10 - 20 extra range on weapons (would need major balancing, would be hard)
But we could shoot a lot faster, maybe increased focus regen, also we could shoot faster. I mean most of the things I listed could be relevant since we don't have to worry about our pet, we could "focus" on our target better.

A couple abilities:

Marksman's Training: Passive: Allows your Hunter to deal damage from an extra (?) yards away, Allows faster aiming time on casted shots, Allows faster focus regen.

Grizzled Veteran: 10% more damage on all ranged attacks. (This is just to balance the damage between the 3 specs)

Rapid Shot: (ability much like Warriors Mortal Strike to cause Overpower charges, would act like the turrets you use in quests) Every time you successfully hit a target with Aimed Shot, you get 5 charges of Rapid Shot, that you can spam.

Headshot: Option 1: Replaces Kill Shot, once your target is below 20% health, you can cast Headshot; does 10% health damage. If your target is not dead, slows enemy movement speed by 70% for 4 seconds. Option 2: Headshot: Headshot your opponent, causing (medium-high) damage, and stunning your target for 3 seconds.

Arrow in the Knee JK lol; Leg Shot: Slow your target by 60% movement speed for 7 seconds.

You guys can add a lot more; I'm sure. I just think this would be really cool. Also there has been a lot of recent requests for dual wielding for Hunters lately; I think this would be the perfect spec to introduce that.

Please leave feedback; I think this would be interesting.

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