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Shattered Hand
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Prices are nonnegotiable. PST, send in game mail or leave a message here for COD. The best way is to send in game mail to Warlockjen-Shatteredhand.

Note: Prices apply to horde only. Alliance would have to pay AH fees in addition to the price listed.

Level 25 Pets
*Note: All blue quality*
Sentinel's Companion 10,000g (1 available)
Doom Bloom 10,000g (1 available)

Level 1 Pets
Toxic Wasteling 200g (5 available)
Snowman Kit 150g (6 available)
Rascal-Bot 5,000g (1 available)
Imperial Moth 50g (6 available)
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling 300g (2 available)
De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion 500g (2 available)
Skunky Alemental 1,000g (1 available)
Imperial Silkworm 20g (8 available)
Pierre 5,000g (1 available)
Terrible Turnip 100g (2 available)
Direhorn Runt 150g (1 available)
Strand Crawler 200g (1 available)
Teroclaw Hatchling 200g (5 available)
Brilliant Spore 200g (2 available)
Ikky 200g (1 available)
Red Helper Box 100g (1 available)
Green Helper Box 100g (3 available)
Nightshade Sproutling 2,000g (1 available)
Hydraling 2,000g (1 available)
Jingling Bell 100g (2 available)
Everbloom Peachick 2,000g (2 available)
Sentinel's Companion 200g (1 available)

Leatherworking Supplies - Classic
Core Leather 1g (55 available)
Warbear Leather 2g (2 available)
Devilsaur Leather 2g (1 available)
Blue Dragonscale 2g (48 available)
Red Dragonscale 2g (58 available)
Green Dragonscale 2g (21 available)
Turtle Scale 2g (14 available)
Black Dragonscale 2g (16 available)
Scale of Onyxia 5g (26 available)
Worn Dragonscale 2g (55 available)
Brilliant Chromatic Scale 10g (23 available)
Primal Tiger Leather 15g (80 available) ***No longer obtainable in game***
Core of Earth 2g (22 available)
Living Essence 5g (2 available)
Essence of Fire 2g (6 available)
Elemental Water 2g (9 available)
Heart of Fire 50s (32 available)
Deeprock Salt 1g (42 available)
Refined Deeprock Salt 2g (40 available)
Thick Murloc Scale 2g (2 available)
Scorpid Scale 2g (4 available)
Slimy Murloc Scale 2g (5 available)
Raptor Hide 2g (10 available)
Green Whelp Scale 2g (5 available)
Powerful Mojo 5g (20 available)
Cured Light Hide 1g (11 available)
Cured Thick Hide 1g (53 available)
Cured Rugged Hide 3g (13 available)
Essence of Earth 2g (4 available)
Breath of Wind 50s (10 available)
Essence of Air 2g (5 available)
Elemental Earth 1g (6 available)

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Leatherworking Supplies - Burning Crusade
Knothide Leather Scraps 50s (2 available)

Leatherworking Supplies - Wrath of the Lich King
Jormungar Scale 2g (14 available)
Nerubian Chitin 2g (1 available)

Leatherworking Supplies - Cataclysm
Blackened Dragonscale 2g (28 available)

Jewelcrafting Supplies - Classic
Shadowgem 3g (9 available)
Star Ruby 5g (17 available)
Citrine 3g (8 available)
Golden Pearl 5g (16 available)
Jade 3g (5 available)
Aquamarine 3g (15 available)
Lesser Moonstone 3g (10 available)
Blue Sapphire 5g (5 available)
Black Pearl 5g (11 available)
Small Lustrous Pearl 3g (10 available)
Iridescent Pearl 3g (8 available)
Azerothian Diamond 5g (3 available)

Jewelcrafting Supplies - The Burning Crusade
Living Ruby 10g (7 available)
Crimson Spinel 15g (1 available)
Flame Spessarite 5g (21 available)
Noble Topaz 10g (8 available)
Pyrestone 15g (3 available)
Golden Draenite 5g (3 available)
Dawnstone 10g (14 available)
Lionseye 15g (2 available)
Deep Peridot 5g (5 available)
Talasite 10g (6 available)
Azure Moonstone 5g (6 available)
Star of Elune 10g (10 available)
Empyrean Sapphire 15g (1 available)
Nightseye 10g (3 available)
Shadowsong Amethyst 15g (2 available)
Jaggal Pearl 5g (45 available)
Shadow Pearl 100g (1 available)

Jewelcrafting Supplies - Wrath of the Lich King
Bloodstone 5g (18 available)
Cardinal Ruby 15g (6 available)
Huge Citrine 5g (28 available)
Ametrine 15g (9 available)
Sun Crystal 5g (23 available)
Autumn's Glow 10g (2 available)
Dark Jade 5g (20 available)
Chalcedony 5g (28 available)
Majestic Zircon 15g (1 available)
Skyflare Diamond 20g (1 available)
Earthsiege Diamond 20g (1 available)
Northsea Pearl 5g (13 available)
Siren's Tear 200g (1 available)

Jewelcrafting Supplies - Cataclysm
Amberjewel 10g (80 available)
Dream Emerald 10g (29 available)
Ocean Sapphire 10g (29 available)

Inscription Supplies - Mists of Pandaria
Five of Oxen 50g (1 available)
Three of Serpents 50g (1 available)

Preserved Holly 2g (55 available)

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*********************TRANSMOG SETS**********************************

$2,000g per set, pst or send in game mail to Warlockjen.

These are the only sets I have. I do not farm sets. Don't ask for anything other than what is listed below.

These are sets that are popular and/or looks interesting :P

To see how the set looks, click item. Go to wowhead (link on right side of page) and then go to or hover over where it says "This item is part of the following transmog set" and the set name.

Conqueror's Plate
Conqueror's Breastplate
Conqueror's Girdle
Conqueror's Legplates
Conqueror's Greaves
Conqueror's Vambraces
Conqueror's Gauntlets

Arachnidian Regalia (Recolor)
Eldr'naan Hood
Eldr'naan Shoulderpads
Eldr'naan Jerkin
Eldr'naan Belt
Eldr'naan Pants
Eldr'naan Boots
Eldr'naan Bracelets
Eldr'naan Gloves

Warlord's Plate
Warlord's Iron-Breastplate
Warmaul Belt
Warlord's Iron-Legplates
Warlord's Sabatons
Warmaul Vambraces
Warlord's Iron-Gauntlets

Burnished Mail (Blue Recolor)
Sundered Chestpiece
Sundered Waistband
Sundered Legguards
Sundered Footwraps
Tortured Bracer
Sundered Gauntlets

Grimscale Plate (Recolor)
Shattered Hand Helmet
Shattered Hand Epaulets
Shattered Hand Breastplate
Shattered Hand Belt
Shattered Hand Legplates
Shattered Hand Sabatons
Shattered Hand Vambraces
Shattered Hand Gauntlets

~*PvP Shattered Hand/Horde*~
90 Priest Morae ~ 90 Lock Warlockjen
90 Druid Parthenia ~ 90 Rogue Erissi
90 Mage Kaelye ~ 90 Warrior Princessjeni
90 Sham Princessjenn ~ 90 Pally Jeni
90 DK Persephoné ~ 90 Hunter Rainee
90 Monk KungFuJenny

~*PvE Bloodhoof/Alliance*~
90 Priest Princessjen ~ 90 Druid Parthenia
90 DK Persephoné ~ 90 Lock Warlockjen
90 Pally Jeni ~ 90 Hunter Rainee
90 Monk KungFuJenny ~ 90 Kaelye
90 Rogue Erissi ~ 63 Sham Sulaa
63 Warrior Aeronwen
I'll take the "Whistle of Chromatic Bone" and "Unscathed Egg" pets if you COD them to me.

I seem to have terrible luck collecting the pets for raiding with leashes.. :/
thanks, sent! :)
updated 7/15/13
updated 7/28/13
I'll buy however much Golden Lotus you have at 50g/ea. Feel free to PM me in game or C.O.D.
updated 7/30/13
updated 8/4/13
I'll take 20 Rice Flour please.

CoD to Vinceypoo.
updated 8/14/13
updated 8/15/13
updated 8/17/13
updated 10/13/13
updated 10/31/13
updated 11/9/13
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