LF2M 10 Man Throne of Thunder [Horde]

For any people who are interested, I am attempting at assembling an ALT or EXPERIENCED 10 man normal group to raid ToT. This group will most likely run the duration of this tier, so I will be looking for people interested in maintaining attendance as such. Details are as follows:

Time: 7-11 pm PST (server) SUNDAY (Monday 7 pm will serve as an additional date if necessary)

Loot: Rolls distributed by Master Looter. MS > OS (will be discussed and set previous to raid)

Raider Requirements: Approx. 500 ilvl, consumables, and the full time period available. This raid will take approximately 4 hours of 10 peoples lives, so approach it as such and lets not waste each others' time.


(need 1 more - would like a Paladin/Warrior)

(need 1 more- would like a Paladin/Priest)
Druid (offspec)

Death Knight

Positions will be filled in a prioritization of gear and experience. Depending on group competency and gear, heroics may be attempted, however expedience will always be chosen over loot, and the main objective will be clearing as much content as possible during the given Sunday timeframe.

Please contact Tipzee in game or post as the character you would like to bring, your main spec, as well link to any other relevant experience. All decisions will be made prior to Friday (6/5).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to raiding!

[EDIT: needs]
[EDIT2: needs/group info]
[EDIT3: needs]
bump for needs changed. spots slowly filling.
Do you need melee dps?
I've updated the information as to what we currently have, and I'd prefer not to bring a 3rd melee dps, however I will keep this thread updated and names saved should people back out.
I never log off in PVE gear but I have a 518 PVE set. Only 1/12 normal experience with plenty of LFR experience which means naught I know. I am an experienced raider however, and don't stand in fire, listen to directions and watch tankspot vids. Ive always done good deeps, try me out if you don't find a more experienced lock.
Sorry, the original post would appear a little misleading. The posted above are currently who is already signed up for the group. The remaining positions are 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 Hunter.
I'm an experienced raider in BC/wrath/cata. Cleared all content. Decided to come back a few weeks ago, and re-roll a warrior as I wanted a change of pace from a rogue. If you're interested in a prot warrior, I would love to tank. I know all fights and my ilvl is growing exponentially by the day.
Unfortunately, can't cross-realm the raid yet until the next tier comes out.

Needs are still as listed in the first post.
i would totally go on my mage but sadly he is only 489 item level right now so QQQQQQ
Group didn't happen as I wasn't able to find a tank and a healer. I'm hoping to have more time to spam trade (seems like people aren't using the forums as much anymore?) and hopefully get it set up for next week.

Only need a tank and a healer.

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