gemming ... is there a haste soft cap?

title pretty much explains it.

when i'm in lfr i always have the haste buff. but in my normal raid group there is no haste buff and i don't know of any haste buff that will stay on during a brawler's guild match.

so is there a point at which it is better to gem for strength than haste. and have we hit that point yet this patch? I've seen one raiding paladin on our server doing heroic bosses gemming for strength over haste so it made me wonder.
The attack speed raid buff isn't haste, although the character sheet adds it to your haste percentage. It doesn't count for anything that uses haste and should be ignored for that purpose.

Haste scales linearly until 50%, at which point the GCD is capped at 1 second. Haste's value will drop at that point, but mastery will likely be the one to pull ahead then. I'm pretty sure it's not possible to reach that point yet, though.
Haste is better up until 50%, at which point we will have a 1s GCD and CS on a 3s ACD. This may be achievable in heroic raid gear this tier, but should easily be achievable next tier in normal gear - maybe (but not likely) in LFR gear.

Also, there are no relevant haste buffs for Ret anymore; attack speed simply modifies white swings and nothing more, despite showing up as haste on the character sheet. I mean, that still benefits Art of War, but it doesn't contribute to the reasons we stack haste.
ok so you guys are saying once you hit 50% haste (ignoring raid buff) that's when you switch to strength or maybe mastery?

thanks for letting me know how the raid buff works i did not know that.
Yes, keep stacking haste until 50%.

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