The Ammo Slot - a missed opportunity

The Hunter Off-Hand Transmog Slot (topic/8402620217) reminded me of an idea I had way back when ammo was going the way of the dodo.

I obviously knew the slot itself would vanish completely, but what if it remained with a new or better purpose?

A shot modifier slot.

Items placed within would grant different effects to our shots, fire arrows, ice arrows, etc. All with varying degree of effects. There is no doubt ammo added dps and my concern at the time was DPS loss, hence this idea. But we were compensated with increases in stats and damage of ranged weapons, just as we were when the concept of hunters using stat sticks went away.

What do you guys think of this? I could be an interesting ways to liven up class, I figured it was apt to bring this up with all the talk around here of a hunter overhaul, an idea I am falling in love with and will likely be greatly disappointed should it ever come and our hopes and dreams are smashed.

Anyway! Back tot he idea! What effects would you like to see?
Cool idea, I like it.
It would be similar to bring back relics, totems, idols, etc.

In that regard, no, Blizzard won't likely do it unless they brought all of those back.
A vanity modifier, making auto shot and non elemental bullets glow with special effects, sure, would prob require a glyph to equip. Blizzz prob wont bring it back (it was an extra expense for hunters that drained them of gold even if they dont wipe, when amo was taken away, the extra dps was added into all ranged weapons, as ranged weapon damage budgets back then included the max quality amo a hunter could equip.)
Well it would not just be vanity it would be a damage component as well.

We would not need to carry around a lot of these just one of each, a permanent item.

Maybe rather than an item we slot in it could be a drop down list.

They would of course have to avoid making one so much better than the other where it becomes mandatory to have one over the other rather than a choice.
MoP beta. lv 15 talents, arcane amo, venom soaked amo, frozen amo. Arane had a chance to generate 5 focus on auto shots. venom was a ramping dot, frost was a chance on hit for a slow. Became to much of a dps choice (all did some damage), venom doing most single target, arcane best aoe. They ditched the idea (possibly permanently, posibly only for now).

They removed amo and its bonus damage for a reason, they removed our melee weapons and stat sticks for a reason too. giving us an item for bonus damage would be giving us a stat stick, which they dont want us to have.
They could of made them all do the same damage and solve that issue and make it about the utility they bring.
They could of made them all do the same damage and solve that issue and make it about the utility they bring.

The issue they had was, venom amo had to do something special (they had it be a stacking dot like old deadly poison for rogues was), arcane amo did somethign special (extra focus generation), and frost amo was a pvp tallent (slows the target). Min maxers will under any cercumstance, if it does damage, they will tell you what the best tallent is. EX glaive toss is better single target, barrage better aoe, powershot is a PVP talent. Lynx rush was epic burst combined with BW and rabid (when it gave pet 70% more atack power or something). they nerfed it to a bleed, its now the weakest dps ability for that tier and few people use it. The issue with amp tier was 2 were dps tallents, one was a utility (a slow).

The issue, is coming up with 3 utility benifits that are tied to all our shots (mostly amo in this instance), where one does not out shine the others (see the wyvern sting, silencing shot, intimidate teir), is dificult, with out making all 3 either OP or worthless, or making them do different things.

An AMO tallent/slot/ability that does this would give us passive and constant abilities that are ranged and can not be countered with out ccing us. As is, our concussive shot has a cd, and most of our utility debuffs are tied to our pets which can be kited. melee have thee kinds of things for auto atacks (pallys, shamans) but they can be kited, other ranged dont have constant white damage that can maintain utility debuffs while they use other abilities. Giving us such an advantage would make very hard for a melee or caster to counter it. The only Utility they could give us with amo is damage components, which is why they tried that in the beta. It was determined to be to much of a dps talent, and one being only a pvp talent, so instead of having 2 tiers of damage tallents with pure PVP/single/aoe edges, they gave us the disengage tier instead.
While that is cool. it wouldn't work. Hunters right now are doing some crazy dmg. Most raids i get into a see hunters topping the charts. Adding something like this would need to be factored in a new expansion. Right now all it would do is tip the scales and push hunters well over that dps meter mark.

Also that feels rather reminiscent of having a melee weapon and a quiver. That wont ever happen as blizzard would view that as a step backwards. They are trying to avoid giving you multiple slots for weapon types.

While i agree its a cool idea. to make it a viability you would need to make it a glyph of fire arrow or something like that. other then that being a career hunter i wouldn't go for it. I know that seems I am just trying to say no to more dmg for the hunter. As it is people are already annoyed how hard hunters hit and the skill set up. All you would be doing is giving these players more fuel.
You do realize, end game heroic content, EVERY class has a spec they out DPSes all three hunter specs by 10k, causing hunters to be say on heroic raiding until progression is over and content is on farm right now.
you do realize that out of every class in the game hunters are the most reliable for stable dps. while most rely on heavy burst hunter dps will be stable.
This idea was talked about so much back when ammo counted and Blizz seemed to be looking for ways to get rid of it or otherwise add something to spice up the repertoire. Yet they passed on the entire concept, when it sure seems it would have added a layer to hunter choices that would have been pretty neat.

There was a time when hunters had important selections to make, and levels to strive for. Taming certain pets and gaining the use of the next level of ammo were part of our progression, and also part of the hunter niche.

All that has gone away. To no good end in my mind.
you do realize that out of every class in the game hunters are the most reliable for stable dps. while most rely on heavy burst hunter dps will be stable.

Stable dps, sure, but the fact is hunters get sat during the progression parts of many heroic raiding guilds cause over the course of a fight, almost any other class can out dps us in the end.

Stable, sure, but we have no raid cds, and pull less dps than other classes with raid cds.

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