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Title says it all.

I'm thinking of xfering to a more Australian based server, For raiding and casual PvP.

Just wondering what would be my best bet for picking a server that is active, has lots of raiding and isn't full of pricks asking for maximum Ilvl for raids that require far less (Currently i get asked for 520+ ilvl to do Terrace/HoF/MV, Like WTF seriously.)

Thanks in advance!
Alliance Frostmourne is pretty decent in the oceanic server department although you're much better off finding a guild to raid with then relying on pugs since every server has the same imbeciles in trade asking for inflated ilvls for content.

The only downside is the queues within the first month or two of an expac can last a while depending on when you log in.
Personally, I'd stay away from Frostmourne. As an example, this week we witnessed one of their Guilds on our server trying to poach for their ToT Normal teams asking for... wait for it.... 530+ ilvl.

The top players on Dath are around 530 - that's maybe half a dozen people.

If you consider yourself 'hardcore' and enjoy the elitist narcissism that seems to accompany many of those types of raiders, then Frostmourne may be your server of choice. I recommend researching the forums to see just exactly what you're in for.

However, if you'd rather not suffer from that type of environment, there are several less populous servers who offer good raiding (albeit less 'hardcore') but without the 'w@nk factor'. I recommend having a look through the individual realm forums to see who's looking for raiders rather than pouring through the guild recruitment forum (that's a little overbearing tbh).

Aman'Thul's not bad. Still a bit like Frostmourne tbh.
Dath's good, but I'm biased :)
Seems to be a bit of coming and going from Khaz atm.
Have heard no complaints about Nagrand or Saurfang.

Finding a guild and a spot is the best bet. Set up an alt first. Log in, chat with them on vent and then if you're happy, pay to move across. We have people do this all the time and it works well for everyone.

Good luck! <3
aman'thul is pretty good the community is pretty large not as big as Frostmourne but imho Frostmourne is just too big for my liking lol

i have been thinking about moving to dath though i have heard a fair few good things about dath :)
Frostmourne - Alliance is where all the noobs go who want to play on a server where the alliance outnumber the horde 2:1. Come to Frostmourne - Horde, the alliance side is filled with lazy and pathetic people who just want a free ride.

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