Age of Aspects Raid Recruitment, TOT and SOO!

Burning Legion
Immediate Roles Available for 2nd Group - (Raids times: Tues / Thurs 8-10 pm server) -
Blood DKs, Guardian Druids, Brew Master Monks

Applicants must...
- Be geared for the content without being a hindrance
- Be 18 or older and in control of their own schedule.
- Be GOOD at your jobs and be willing to take criticism and advice.
- Be willing to attend 90%+ of raids. The vast majority of our members are at 90%+ lifetime attendance.
- Be willing to provide your own raid mats
- We do ask you have a good understanding of the fights before applying.

We plan to go 12/12 TOT and continue for Siege of Orgrimmar 25 man. Our guild will do Flex Raiding, LFRs as a guild and Normal/Heroic Raiding during Patch 5.4. Hope you join the team!

<Age of Aspects> @ Burning Legion
Whisper in game for additional information!

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