Sumprush Rodent

Pet Battles
Taasia truly came through. I also benefited from his kindness and got a rare within 5 minutes.

Thank you again!
I will be dropping a crate sometime tomorrow. Depends when I wake up, leave your btag here and I will hit you up a few minutes before I do

(need to go farm 140 or so then I will have my 2k)
If I haven't missed this, Moxin#1237.
I totally got spaced out on this. will be doing it tomorrow. You didn't miss it, I was just being special.

Hey Abeblinkin, if you still haven't dropped it, any chance of getting a server time.. well dang that might not work. Your server might be different I guess.

Well if you haven't done it.


Just not sure I'll be on much tonight...
Thank you! <3 After a crappy day, you waiting around for folks who 1. didn't see your request and 2. were hunting for rares made my day brighter. Much appreciated.
I love how people come here to beg someone to do something for them then completely ignore when someone offers to do it in favor of arguing about how they're in the right to ask for something for nothing. If you want the damned rodent I said I'd drop a crate for you. But what are you going to give me in return?

I have started farming the tokens on my mage but I just lack the willpower to finish. I would be willing to do a trade but Im not sure I have anything to give that you would want or need.

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