Holy - Holy power generation

So I just came back from a break and dusted off the holy pally. I haven't healed since beginning of LK. Did my first runs of LFR this week and have a few questions.

The guides are good but I am having issues with mana and overhealing.

I think the issue is I feel like I should always be generating and using HP , so I am using radiance constantly.

Should I mainly be healing with HP or using Holy light (shock on cd) and just banking HP and use as needed? Is crusader strike a mana positive option if I'm in melee?

Divine Light on your beacon will also give Hp.

Crusader for the HP it generates, not the mana.

5 HP then EF or WOG or LOD, then build back to 5 HP again. I try to keep 2 HP in reserve.
Basically what the above poster said...

Divine Light or Flash of Light on your beacon'd target will generate HP quickly. You can also CS in melee if you are EF blanketing.

Don't forget you can change beacon off the GDC with the glyph so don't be afraid to swap and DL or FoL quickly for extra HP if you must.

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