Ret - CS or Judgement with T15 4pieces bonus?

I have recently received the T15 4piece bonus, but I am unsure which spell give best dps.

Assuming if all other spell are on CD, from a single execution point of view, generally Judgement gives better damage per cast over CS.
However I am fairly confused after receiving the set bonus, this is because CS got a 40% chance to make TV more damaging (pure holy damage).

The situation happens more often during the Avenging Wrath phase, when Hammer was added into the rotation, very often I found myself only have chance to execute either Judgement OR CS before other more damaging spell got off their CD.

Any Ret DPS expert here have done some testing and wouldn't mind to share?
You should be prioritizing CS above Judgment for cooldown-collision reasons, even without the set bonus (yes, even though Judgment hits harder. I can lay out the math if you're interested). But Exo/HoW are so much stronger that they still take priority, even with the set bonus.

Some players here have talked about prioritizing CS during cooldowns to fish for procs, which could pay off if you're lucky, but could also backfire if you're not. I haven't tried that myself, but it seems plausible.
There are a few considerations you're missing.

First of all, CS benefits from our mastery. In my current gear i get another 39.3% damage from CS as holy damage added. This makes it actually a solid portion of dps throughout any fight.

The purpose of the t15 4pc is to make one of your main damage abilities *better* (holy damage is better against most mobs vs weapon damage) in addition to benefit directly from inquisition, as inquisition buffs all holy damage by 30%. I can't say if it double dips (mastery benefiting from the buffed tv damage) but someone who has better parses can tell you.

hope this helps.
The posters on the board were pretty helpful to me when I posted almost the same question last week, so heres the link:

I know its not a precise answer to whether J or CS is indeed better. I have only done a few LFRs and stuff (my Ret is my alt, we raid this Friday on Alt Night), but I'd say that having CS > J yielded *some* DPS improvement. Of course its super hard to tell but just something I noticed. I can post with more detailed feedback once alt night is here but I'd say yeah CS > J with T15.

Ret Theorycrafting has been a little lacking since 5.1 :\ Most guides haven't even updated for 5.2/5.3 buffs and T15 rotations so its really hard to tell.
Under normal rotation, CS > J; HoW available, J > CS; HoW available with 4pT15, CS > J.

That's the simplest explanation.
Under normal rotation, CS > J; HoW available, J > CS; HoW available with 4pT15, CS > J.

That's the simplest explanation.

What do you mean?
It means that under normal rotational conditions, Crusader Strike is prioritized above Judgment; this is due to global clashing and tries to keep the rotation smooth. But, if Hammer of Wrath is available, you have another ability to juggle so J can be prioritized higher since it does typically deal more damage than CS+HoL. However, with 4pT15, CS should remain above J even when you can HoW because of the HolyTV proc.

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