The Glorious PUG - 6/12 normal pug (Sat 30th)

Hey guys I'll be running a 6/12 normal ToT sometime this Saturday (I'll be on all day trying to make this happen)

Basically we will clear 6/12 normal AT ALL COSTS, however there is 1 catch. The catch is we MUST do the jikun and durumu achieve (I will lead us to victory so DW about specifics for now)!

-> Be decently geared (don't even care if its your 500 ilvl alt)
-> Be online for Saturday
-> Have a few hours invested as depending on how badly geared you guys are the jikun achieve may take awhile, durumu one is ezpz

Note: I'm solely doing this for 2 previously mentioned achievements.

Add me to realid: Locky#1534
I come.

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