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So I am at lost. I have been playing that hunter for quite a while, though I did take a break from the whole game mid cata and came back a month and a half ago. I have never been a bad player, always hold my ground in a raiding team, etc . But now...For the love of all my pets in my stable, I can't dps . My DPS is so low, it makes me want to cry. Ok, maybe not cry, but still. I have tried different specs( but got back to survival, always loved that spec), reforged , regemmed, read, learned my priorities, but nope, I can barely pull 60k. I was told at my ilvl I should easily do a 100k.

Now , I have been told that in this expansion, it's really gear dependent. And that my Ilvl 463 weapon could be one of the major reason my dps is lacking (but 40k difference? I doubt it...) .
Could that be it? Is it REALLY that gear dependent?
I was told at my ilvl I should easily do a 100k.

Whoever told you that was lying.
Whoever told you that was lying.

Just for an idea, at about 499-500 Ilvl with a 502 weapon, before BM recieved these quite significant buffs (15% AP, Blink strikes) I ended our guild's first heroic Imperial Vizier Zorlok kill (single target fight, first boss in HoF) at 101 or 102k. At your gear level I would expect maybe 80-90K single target fully raid buffed.

I would agree with the 100k+, if you had atleast a 502 weapon, because it is quite significant. Your weapon also has no secondary stats, which devalues it further.

These estimations are for BM, because currently at any gear level it can beat survival in single target by significant amounts, between 10 and 20k.
I can reach 90k at ilvl510 with two t15 trinkets and stacked haste (this was against Sha of Fear, so add control and travel time was a factor). There's no way in hell you're hitting 100k at 494.

Hunters have been given many, many dicks to munch on in this expansion. There's not much you can do about it.

e: I'm an Oceanic player so latency probably screws that up all over again.
Also disregard Noxxic's dps charts. They're fairly unrealistic, I've found. I'm 516 and just hit the consistent > 90k mark (against Ji'Kun). My burst ranges from about 160-200k if I do it right (even with the Stampede nerf).

At 494, 60k is actually quite nice. If your experience is like mine, you'll hit another dps 'wall' around 505-510, then you'll push past it as you move from the T14 gear into T15.

As for your weapon, run ToT lfr and pray you get lucky to get Tortos to drop the longbow. Failing that, aim for the gun from Iron Quon, then the crossbow from Durumu. An alternative is to run Heroic Scenarios, but the 516s have so many variations that the 502s are still better
(I've got a 516 that's better than all the 502s since I've upgraded it to 524).

A word of warning: You'll find some fights to be nastier for your dps than others. To give you an idea of what I do (and I'll disclaim I don't consider myself to be the best hunter out there, and these numbers no doubt prove that):
Jin'Rokh - 120k (puddle buff)
Horridon - 160k
Council - 70k (!)
Tortos - 80k (but I'm also strictly on turtles and target switching/running like mad)
Megaera - 90-100k
Ji'Kun - 95k
Durumu (lfr) - 100k, while I'm not busy dying to Maze
Primordius (lfr) - 105k (mutation buff, but with a loss of initial burst as I'm going for oozes for mutation)
Dark Animus (lfr) - 100k if single targeting; 150k if aoeing from the start

Once you get geared, use these numbers as a rough guide... and make them look bad ;)
At 495 with full raid buffs/debuffs I'd normally expect about 95k. However I'd say that should be a bit lower in the OPs case due to the poor weapon and lack of set bonuses.

If you want some help, get your next LFR run uploaded to World of Logs, we can probably piece apart the information and tell you what you need to focus on if you provide us a link. The last wing is actually great for this, IQ and Twins are pretty easy fights to analyze, and they favor hunters.
@Noraydory you could probably benefit from having someone looking over your logs too. Those numbers are fairly low. You should probably be about 30k higher across the board.

I'm 527, no Heroic gear and my numbers on normal mode fights are typically: 245, 210, 160, 200, 150, 160-190 (while on Eggs, depends how well i do with nutrients), 155, 110 (normal, we don't mutate)
(normal, we don't mutate)

Wait, that's a valid strat? You can just kite Primordius and burn without dealing with the mechanics?
Kite? You can let him stand in middle and note get buffs for yourself and still kill it
Yes, normal prim you can just stand in the middle and hit the boss til it dies.

Wait, that's a valid strat? You can just kite Primordius and burn without dealing with the mechanics?


It's just a 35% damage reduction if you ignore the mutate. If our lock didn't hop on the fail boat on at the end we would have had a sub 6 minute kill.
Thanks everyone for the infos. Maybe I should have mentioned this is a test I did yesterday with my GL on a dummy, no buffs at all. He wasn't expecting me to be at a 100k in that setting, of course.
@Aertea, I will get this next week, see what are the results. I just started doing LFR this week , so I sure hope to get better gear in the next few weeks.
What's the preferred dps spec right now? I'm really digging on survival but i'm just level 82
SV seems to be favored by the raid mechanics, but ultimately it's up to you. If you enjoy MM, go for it, though it'll be a challenge.

You said you like SV; you're going to do well overall. I myself prefer BM, as that's what I leveled with, and what I mainly run. Switching specs is a challenge because I lose out on some of my preferred pets (quillen, chimaera) and I don't really have SV's rotation under my fingers.

@Aertea -- as it so happens, I do have logs for my Tortos-Meg-Ji'Kun run (at 515).

The Ji'kun 95k I mention above was the next day when I went up to 516 and reforged etc.
Just ran last wing of ToT tonight, pulled these numbers via Skada:
Iron Qon - 82k
Consort - 111k
Lei Shen - 97k
Overall - 106k
Looking at Meaera.

It looks like you aren't mashing things, which is leaving gaps in your damage. It looks like you died at some point (that isn't showing in the log,only the res), but your ability usage seems a bit low. You did still have 6 minutes worth of effective time on the boss according to the log.

In the similar effective time (from my previous weeks kill) I had 40 more arcane shots, 30 more cobra shots, and 20 more kill commands. That's a huge difference, unless your effective time is way off.

It's sort of annoying, but hunters are a spam class, you should always be mashing something. I think switching to a Naga helped avoid early carpal tunnel...

I mostly believe BM/Surv Hunters can both do decently well in ToT, but for Tortos, if you're on Turtles I'd highly suggest survival. Pets are known to bug to hell when chasing moving targets. You can also throw a single multi-shot/barrage combo on the bats as they spawn for a huge damage boost with minimal turtle DPS lost. Otherwise, If your raid is just letting you tunnel the bats, BM can do quite well on this fight.
If you're speaking to the Megaera kill fight, I think I did die and was rezzed because I was the one providing lust.

To your other point of spamming the arcane, cobras and kill commands, I might have a critical inherent weakness with my keybindings, especially when I'm moving. I'm not sure what the solution is to that, especially the prospect of having to learn a completely new set.
It is fairly difficult to hit traditional keybindings while moving, but that seems to be where Blizzard is heading for our class niche. Honestly the best thing would be a mouse with a couple extra "thumb" buttons. Naga might be excessive for some, but even 2-3 buttons (enough that you could bind Cobra, Arcane and Signatures making use of shift-mods) is incredible.

I personally run with a Naga, and have my entire rotation set bound to 1-6. That way my left hand/mouse can focus on movement, while my right thumb is free to execute everything I need to. From there it's just practice and muscle memory.

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