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Hi Team,

Looking for a reasonably populated and reasonably polite PvE server playing on Aus/NZ times (generally 9pm till 12:30am NZDT - that's 7pm to 10:30pm Eastern Australian)

I've also heard Proudmoore was an unofficial "Australian" server way back when, is this still the case?

Any suggestions? :D
Hi Zak!

May I recommend Dath Horde. While it is suffering slightly in population, at your level, dungeons are popping relatively quickly and it won't be long before your looking for mates for 90 content.

There are several excellent Horde guilds recruiting and I recommend checking out the realm forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1180901/

Unfortunately, in terms of PvE servers for Oceanic, there's not one where Horde dominates over Alliance. Hopefully virtual realms will address some of those issues.


As for Proudmoore, the reputation of it being 'Oceanic' (along with Blackrock and Tichondrius from memory) was so long ago. Most Aussies I know that are on Proudmoore are there, not because of other Aussies but because of the very strong LGBT presence on the server. On Horde especially, it does have a habit of being dominated by Taint (that's not a bad thing) but if you're not there for that community....

As always, I recommend trying to find a Guild first, roll a lowbie alt and go suss them out. A good guild will be happy to invite you, have you on vent, discuss your needs before you drop $25+ on a toon transfer.

Good luck! <3

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