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We currently are recruiting active players to take part in our guild. We are currently looking for a Holy Pally or Disc Priest for our core and a couple exceptional dps to fill our rooster. We are a group of friends that started on Area 52 and have progressed very well in the past with our limited schedule. In the end of cata before we took a break we were in the top 20 guilds on Area 52. We run Sat and Sun nights at 7:30 realm time and are currently 9/12 norm. We will be looking to do at least norm clear as fast as possible and moving into heriocs and to build a strong core for next tier. We will even take alts and others to run in core that might just want a spot and might not want to join as long as you can make the times and have good attendance. We expect players to know their class and the fights and to be helpful to others. We play multiply game going from BF3 to League of Legends together. If you have any question fell free to whisp me , Khàotic (alt 0224), Orangesoup, or Fodizzle in game. Thanks.
i would like to join your weekend raids. as long as its on the weekend, i can make whatever time the raid is. if there is a room for a 510 ilvl fury warrior (orbea) i would really like to join.
Rank 1 rooster NA

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