<Systematic> 25M (H) 8/14H SoO LF Ranged DPS

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<Systematic> (H) had a rich history on Arygos, and we plan to continue building our legacy on Zul'jin. Founded in 2005, we are a competitive guild focused on 25-man progression raiding. We raid Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 8-11pm EST. We expect our raiders to come on time, be prepared, and have prior knowledge of every encounter. We have active forums on our website, provide vital guides to new encounters, and encourage all our raiders to actively participate in forum discussions.

In the past, we've enjoyed challenging other guilds on our realm to drive the competitive spirit. Racing to our goals, we accomplished Realm First Heroic Nefarian and Sinestra, and accomplished our goal of being a top US 25 man raiding guild. We were ranked US 160 for the majority of our time in Tiers 11, 12, and 13.

We are recruiting like-minded, skilled players who are dedicated to progression and willing to put in the time and effort to learn all aspects of their class and raid encounters, as well as staying current on upcoming changes and PTR content.

Current raid progression:
-8/14H Siege of Orgrimmar
*Also seeking a strong rogue application

Our Goals for Tier 16:
-Top 100 US 25 Man
-Clear all content while it's current

Prefer Warlock or Shadow Priest, but all skilled ranged welcome to apply
Also seeking one Rogue

555 iLvl
4/14H experience
*Exceptions may be made in very special circumstances

Systematic distributes loot via an open-bid DKP system with the following loot priority:
Main-Spec Raiders > Hybrid Raider > Recruit > Off-Spec

We expect raiders to be ready and prepared to pull at 8:00p EST; invites will go out 15 minutes earlier. We also will have alternative activities to do while not raiding such as an alt run, meta achievement runs, and legacy raids.

Additional Expectations:
-Be 18 or older, we are a mature guild.
-Perform your best in whichever role you play; be willing to accept criticism and advice
-Must attend 83% of the raids
-Be able to supply your own potions; the guild will supply feasts and flasks
-Have a positive and professional attitude

Currently recruiting for Tier 16
-EXCEPTIONAL RANGED DPS (Warlock/Boomkin preferred)

***WE WILL REVIEW all superb applicants, so feel free to apply even if your class/spec is not listed!!***

Our officer core is very active and monitors the guild forums throughout the day. If a guild member has a question, concern, or idea, it will be properly addressed by the appropriate officer in a timely manner. We value our team and treat one another as family. Please note that this means we will call you out on your issues, tease you inappropriately, and generally feel like it’s our right to give you a hard time. While we are serious about progression, we like to have fun during farm content, trash, etc. If you don’t have a thick skin, this is not the guild for you.

If you are interested please submit an application at:
and visit our website at

We encourage you to visit us on Zul'jin and talk to one of our officers:
Drozzik, Blasphemme, Tain, Azasel, or Raizyn via the battletags below:

Blasphemme: Ysereh#1181
Tain: Tain#1212
Azasel: jsp2034@yahoo.com
Rhaelan: Jasian#1551
Raizyn: Rozzalyn#1450
Where are the Lock/Mage apps at?
Rend brings up a good question. I concur with it.
We're still recruiting skilled players. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
I am interested, and spoke with one of your members last night. Would like to discuss things more with one of the officers.

Are you even looking to add more rogues to an already rogues active roster?
Kraegar - we received your application. We're not currently actively recruiting for rogues, but our DPS officer (Drozzik: Lorthem#1279) will be reviewing. Feel free to contact him via our site or in-game, or any of the officers listed in the above post. Thanks!
Looking for ***MW Monk*** / Warlock / Mage applicants at this time. If you are interested please submit an application at: http://systematic-zuljin.com/apply
and visit our website at

MW Monk High Priority Recruit!
Hey Tain!
Still need them healers and ranged!!!
Now 5/13H and progressing quickly. Apply today!
La la la-la la la,
Sing a happy song.
La la la-la la la,
Smurf your whole day long.
Need a MW and maybe another really good ranged dps.
Would love some healers and ranged apps!

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