[H] Guild <TBA> being formed. Casual 10N

A new guild is being formed on the Horde side at the US-Oceanic server Saurfang.

The name of the guild is to be announced, but it’ll be something über cool. Or lame. You can never really tell until after, so there’s that. I really hope we don’t get stuck not finding a name that we like, or we might end up calling ourselves TBA indefinitely*

The guild Nex Mortis is disbanding into two groups: one who wanted to go hardcore for 5.4 and then there were a few of us who wanted to take a more casual approach. We wish our hardcore friends led by Sarvoc all the best!

Our mission
This second group is now forming a guild to do 10N content, in preparation for 5.4. Once the new patch hits, we’ll be aiming at progression, but to repeat...it’s not going to be the hardcore vibe when people get benched to the left, right & centre. We’re aiming to have fun, but to do steady progression. So we’ll all come reforged, gemmed and with the right consumables, simply because we respect the efforts of our fellow guild members by showing up prepared and on time.

Raid times
We’ll be running the following raid times (server time, East Australian Time):
Wednesday: 7.30pm
Sunday: 5pm
Monday: 7.30pm (might be skipped if everything’s cleared)

What we ask of you
We’ll be starting ToT 10N as soon as possible, so prepare to be geared for that. Skill matters more (naturally) and if you feel that you’re a little “shy” on the iLvl-side, we can probably do some quick runs through HoF and ToES to gear up. That being said, we don’t require a specific iLvl to join and we do welcome social members who just like to hang out.

Open spots

Tank: DK or Monk

Healer: Monk, Druid or Shammy

DPS: All rDPS and either a Warrior or DK

How to join
Since we haven’t decided on a name, there’s no website yet. Please reply to this thread or reach out to the following people in-game:

Jonotank, Jonolock (BattleTag: JonoSorum#2445)
Tankwolf, Healindawolf

* That was a stupid reference to my favorite TV show, Arrested Development http://imgur.com/BTqxETi
pst me on laeri#1806

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