The in-game "Open raid" guy!

Hey there, I'm Hayte. Myself and my wife have just xferred to this server, and I notice alot of "guild" pugs going on. On our old server (Korgath) I had a HUGE list of GM's/Raid Leads and very good onsies and twosies.

How it works:
#1 Add me on battle tag. Whether you are a GM, Raid Leader, person who pugs alot.
#2 When GMs/Raid leads come to me saying "Hey, I need a tank for tonight and possibly this whole week" I will look through the "singles" first on who meets the qualifications (ilvl/exp/sometimes IQ) If no luck on the singles, I will ask the GM's RL's of the other guilds I have.
#3 The right person is found, I give the RL or GM the name of the person that fits and you guys take it from there, if the GM or RL doesnt like that one, I will look for another.
#4 Post Raid feed back is probably the most important aspect of this little "LFG" system. We run our own 10man so sometimes I do have a chance to see the performance/attitude of some of the players. However, most of the time I do not know for certain. I will take the word of the GM/RL that is "giving" them to me, but that only goes so far. After raid all I ask is for you to link me logs (if they are avaliable) and give me a little feed back on the person that pugged with you.

This is an AMAZING system that has worked very well in the past. BUT in order for it to work, I need "friends" A couple of people have already "used" my services here and (as far as i know) they have been extremely satisfied.


Haytred#1922 is my battle tag, In your request notes, if you are a gm/rl, please state the guild/team that you have. If you are a person who just pugs alot, please list your ilvl-exp (+ any 90 alts you have)

Thank you in advance, and please bear with me, this kind of a system only works with multiple people on board, it wont be fully functional over night.
Got us a Hpally super fast Lords of the Horde Zul,jin Thanks :D
To the top, still looking for more people, the more the merrier!
Have used this service a few times. Loads better than finding any pug in trade due to all the pugs suggested being evaluated each time they are pugged. Definatly suggest this if you are missing someone for the night in your raid team. Well done.
Sent you a Btag friend invite. My guild 25 man is on break until 5.4 and I would love to fill in when possible for guilds doing or working on heroics on my hunter or normals with my feral druid Jacemora.

pretty cool idea. I have some healer alts you can use ;p Ill tag ya!
still accepting people! whether you pug, or need pugs, this is the place for you!!

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