WTT 5x TCG pets for Darkmoon Rabbit

Pet Battles
All done!

request sent!!

*edit* thanks Calvin
Just got Netherspace Abyssal, thanks Skitzo!

Would love to have a bunny soon!

Just rolled a 70 on one, and the highest roll was a 72. D:

I need a bunbun!
With DMF up there has to be a bunch of new rabbits out and about.
Up with ya.
I got all those : /
You could probably sell those for a lot more gold than it would take to buy a bunny off the AH. On my server at least.
On my server it's about an even trade. Since moving to Hyjal it's really rare to have them sell for anything more than 7.5k :(

I should probably just buy the rabbit, but since I have a lot of TCG pets I was hoping to save the gold and trade. I'm still holding out hope!
Oh hey!

Still looking!

Bed time bump!

Twise - if you're following the thread, I got your friend request and accepted. I'll be around tomorrow evening, probably no later than 8pm PST barring any disasters at work. :)
Got a rabbit, thank you Twise!

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