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As I continued to fly around finding Val'kyrs, I realized that I am far too bored. So I thought I would help foster a growing pet battle community.

There are a few services that I would like to render people to create more well rounded battle teams, players, and foster a more competitive environment. So I decided I would render a few services to the community should people seek some assistance.

1. Wild Pet Acquisition-I will assist players in hunting down specific pets with specific breeds and, potentially, specific qualities. I have access to both a PvE and RP server(up to northrend for this). My alliance is on PvE and my horde is on an RP server which will help me help you. Because I have no idea how this will go, I am going to make a 'will not do' list.

Will Not Do: Weather Pets, Minfernal, and I reserve the right to add some.

2. Tradable Pet Leveling-I am willing to level that pet you want in your PvP comp, but don't have the patience to level. I actually enjoy the leveling process and certainly don't mind helping people. So many teams seem to underachieve because people don't have that last piece of the puzzle. I would like to help you get to the point where you can enjoy PvP battles because you have options.

I have no current plans for payment. Honestly, I don't think I would charge anything for helping find pet. As for pet leveling, I would want to discuss this before someone beforehand.

I have no idea how this will go, but if it does anything to alleviate my boredom, it could be worth it!
bump for people doing nice things. You certainly posted good info in my thread. :^)

Curious... how would you actually trade pets? I didn't think you could trade items cross-realm.
Pets are account wide. You can create a level 1 on my server and I can get it from you. It is quite easy.
Able to aid in finding a Unborn Valk?? :)
Sure...give me your battletag and I will find one and let you know.
Wow, you are awesome! :D

I'd love some help!

Add me Noelani#1543
I wouldn't mind a little help in finding a val'kyr, well 2 actually but one of them is a gift for my little brother as a surprise. Kekeke. I wouldn't mind tipping you for the assist though or if you need any other kind of help, feel free to say it aswell.

Manic#1502 is my battletag but im at work atm :) thanks bro! I'll think of other stuff if I can to keep you busy haah.
Working on finding some Valks this morning. I will let you guys know.
Noelani? As in Thunderlord? Girl, you crazy.

Anyway, I am holding a val'kyr for one of you...depending on if any of you is on.

EDIT: Holding it now for about 20 minutes...anyone else who drops by the thread may put their tag here as well.
Given away to someone else. Going for another. I hope someone logs on.

EDIT: Holding another...let me know.
I got rid of that one and another, but I have yet another Valk. Hopefully some of you are on.
I am now! I apologize I was at work at the time :c but I'm on now! dunno if you are.
I added you to my friendlist~ so if you see me hit me up

EDIT: Well ill be at work tomorrow all day until 6pm central so imma let my brother to come and post here and you can deal with him! Thanks again man.

My brothers IGN are either Lestara or Tylelis :)
Hey I'm Zelkovaniku's bro. Thanks so much for doing this.

My battletag is Pharos#1606
Are you still offering this? I've been trying like hell to get an unborn. moseskarada#1398. I've got horde and alliance toons.
I am indeed.
Please if you can find me a valk as well.. It would be much appreciated and we can do the "Perfect Strangers dance of joy" if you know what that is lol..

Awh, Yiji is gonna get bored due to so many valks xD.

Lets find him something different! *searches his list* hmm.. I need a list of rare pets! xD must look.

PS: One more valk for me~
i Woud liek the valk.
add aresany#1358
If you can help me find a HH Unborn Val, that'll be perfect :)
Rarity doesn't matter.



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