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Wow, it's hard to believe that someone is so generous with their time ingame.

Please let me know if you find an Unborn Valkyre.

I am willing in exchange to upgrade any non beast/critter/flying exchangeable pet that you might have to compensate you for your time.


I can use either horde or alliance characters.
Alrighty...guess there are about 6 valks that I need to serve up on a platter...better get started.
Thank you so much. Yijao is awesome! Really helpful. I don't even know how to convey how grateful I am for your help. You saved me so much time and was really helpful in my battle to capture the Valk.
Alright guys, once again, I am stuck holding one when 3-4 people who want it aren't responding to friend requests or are afk. Naturally, this makes my life a bit more frustrating when I am trying to shotgun these for everyone. Please let me know if/when you are available so I don't waste some time.

Yijiao is the best person in game ever! Logged in, got distracted by friends for 30 minutes, came back and she/he was still holding one for me. I deeply appreciate your kindness and would gladly help you out in game if you needed it in some manner.

Edit: Yijiao also deserves her very own personal title after doing all this: the Val'kyr Hunter.
I am holding another val'kyr and I don't believe any of you are on. Please let me know if any of you are available.

EDIT: Given away.

Hunt continues.
Appreciate any help in getting a Valk. SKyhoof #1109
Starting again today, this time with no interruptions from beginning to end...maybe.
thanks man u helped me out alot
Holding another val'kyr. Leave battletag.

EDIT: Given out.
Would love a Valk. Have a character on Venture Co parked in a spot, but not having any luck.


Willing to give some battle stones for the help!
LF Unborn Valk hit me up if you spot one <3 Noshanda#1600
Wow, how are you finding all of these? I have been flying around the spawn points for weeks with no luck. What is your secret?
Well, I just fly around. Basically, once you get one, you kind of get a feel for when they will spawn next. I guess maybe an underpopulated CRZ as well.
If you're still doing this, I'd love a Valk! smabell#1418
Holyroller#1307 is my battle tag and I will take whatever you have extra of..I am new to collecting..any help would be great! Thank you!
If you're still doing this, I'd love a Valk! smabell#1418

Trying, but back to the work week after my holiday-extended weekend, so I will not be available for most of the day.
Bumping this for the coming weekend. I am also off Friday, so I will try to meet needs.
Such a wonderful thing you're doing ty so much for my valk.

I need to hit 4 people left in this thread.


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