Iluminated Healing

Is there a bug with this in PvP Arena?

My Pally friend says that his Illuminated Healing doesn't stack up. When he heals me I don't get a larger bubble, it just starts going down with no damage hitting me. Anyone know what's up with this or can explain what's going on? Also he uses Eternal Flame so that it refreshes.

EDIT: He just said he was using it outside arena and it worked fine, stacked up to 133k(While in Arena he says it doesn't even go to 35k). Could battle fatigue or anything have something to do with this? Haha Idk Holy Pally very much, just making this post for a friend.

Thanks in advance.
The Paladin I run 2's/3's with is having the same issue.
Works fine for in in bgs and arena
There was a recent hotfix to address this, actually: (it's actually from July 9, they got the date wrong in the address)

Mastery: Illuminated Healing's damage absorption shield should now properly interact with Battle Fatigue on both the initial application and when refreshed. Previously, Battle Fatigue was being incorrectly applied to the damage absorption shield a second time on refresh.

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