How much harder is pvp healing from dps?

I find Resto Druid healing pretty fun. I used to main a holy paladin, and i've messed around with a resto shaman and disc priest a little bit, though, never got a priest to max level, only twinking.

I think that healing can be very easy for some people, and very hard for others. For me, i think it comes (to a certain extent) naturally. Right now, at least for this season, i'm literally a 2k player in everything. I started playing resto druid back in cata season when they could get killed by one dps even in tree form. Still happens now and then, but not as much.

You're best bet is to find a good rotation when it comes to healing. Now, my opinion for healing rotation would be like, LB, rejuv, LBx2. I do that almost everytime i refresh hots. It's just habit now, and i find that it works out pretty good.

Secondly, resto druids are probably the most defensive and offensive healers right now. You have to play offensive to relieve pressure by cycloneing the off target dps and the healer. For the most part, i will cyclone a dps OVER a healer to relieve that pressure, but if my partners are popping CDs and the -time- is right, ill go in for a clone on the healer.

As far as defensive goes, a druid healer is probably the 2nd most vulnerable healer out there if caught off guard. I would have said third, but right now shamans can be trained by almost every comp, and paladins used to always play defensively to not sit CCs due to their lack of overall cc protection. If you get switched to, or one of ur arena members does while in a bad position, things can change almost if not instantly due to no non-cd burst heals.

Pre hotting is also a big one. Even one rejuv before combat starts is a big deal. I always try to keep one rejuv on everyone, and LBx3 on the main target. Depending on the pressure or health %, i will most likely use wild growth on cool down. It's not as expensive as you think it is, but unless there is some kind of pressure, i don't normally use it if no pressure is being applied, unless health % is low.

Also, when it comes to using NS, i priority it by using NS+HT, but it's all situational. If i believe i can get a NS+clone on the healer (only if his trinket is down - in rare occasions even if his trinket is up) and i feel like its worth it, i won't hesitate.

Also, besides the obvious "communication is key", you need to have a lot of synergy with your partner when it comes to blowing tree form or not. It's basically your one and only CD to get out of rough situations excluding NS. If you can avoid using it at the expense of your partners CD, then that's good (imo). Best thing to do is to do ur best avoid overlapping defensive CDs. That will hurt you in the long run.

Lastly, using iron bark when you think pressure is going to come. Now, it has an extremely short CD, so don't hesitate to use it, but make sure u don't just blow it at the same time. When ever i face a team with a mage or rogue and i know ahead of time they will be on me, ill put iron bark on as soon as i kno i will need it. It's hard to judge, but if timed right, it can last you through a stun. If need be, bark skin for a 40% damage reduction. If you also run with a dk, you can use IBF to get out of those 6 sec kidney's or deeps for a total of 60% damage reduction.

Overall, the main importance is to use ironbark frequently, but use it depending on the situational , too (doesn't always have to be a dire situation). Always have one rejuv on your teammates, and have LBx3 up at all times. Clone when you can, and when a teammate is dying, clone the off target dps, (main target if need be due to DR's) first, NS clone if their trinket is down. That gives you 6 seconds to free cast, or 6 seconds of less stressful and less pressure casting time. Also. Not only will you cut the pressure in half, but u can redcse the chance of getting CC . . depending on who you cc.

Anyway, resto druids are all about pre-hotting and always keeping life bloom up
I think healing is the only thing in pvp that still requires skill. Lets face it, all the dps classes have been dumbed down with instant cc, extremely high burst or one shot macros, and pretty ridiculous defensive cd's for any mistakes they make. With the amount of instant cc and burst nowadays all the stress is on the healer.

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