Try growing a beard first, little man!

If the list of Rockhold, Akiyama, Bisping, and Rumble Johnson are nobodies and has beens i'd like to know is an actual good fighter to you lol and you never did say why Vitor is "washed up". Don't know too many "washed up" guys KO'ing everybody they fight.

Dan Henderson lost the 203lb. championship to Rampage big guy, you do know Hendo was a two division Pride champion right? The fact you don't know that kind of kills all any credibility to anything you posted before or after lol @ saying Rampage Jackson (who is a massive Light Heavyweight generally cutting from 240 down to 205) won the 183lb. championship. And why are you listing Hendo wins from the last 4 years? He fought Anderson in early 2008, at the time Hendo was top 5 in the division and top 10 P4P ranked.

Rich Franklin lol @ you saying "not a great fighter, good, but not great" then proceeding not to say why.

After you comparing Demetrius Johnson to Floyd Mayweather I had to quit reading.

The way you type about "fighters not being great" and "Rampage beating Hendo for the 183lb. championship" etc. shows me you're probably knew to the sport and if you were around back then you would have saw with your own eyes that 2006 Rich Franklin was a GREAT fighter. 2008 Dan Henderson was one of the best in the world. And Anderson's run is one of the greatest in fighting history.

I went back and rewatched the Belfort/Henderson fight. You've convinced me to rethink their legacy. I still think they're washed up, but there is no denying that in 2006 they were pretty incredible.

That being said, the Vitor of 2011 against Silva was not the Vitor of 2006 against Henderson. I also rewatched the Silva/Henderson fight. Again, you've convinced me, this was legit. 10 title defenses, 1 solid challenger. Do you think Silva beats the Henderson of 2006? I'm not so sure.

As for Ace Ventura, his record says it all. He's lost just about every other fight against the better of the washed up fighters in a weak division. Tell me what fight I ought to watch that will change my opinion. I've watched the majority of them, but if there is one that will "blow my mind", I'd love to know about it.

I'm a bit surprised you don't see the talent in Demetrius. Out of curiosity, what is it that you don't like about him? I thought his fight with Dodson was pretty amazing.

As for fighters I think are good and well rounded (and not a current champion), I love Carlos Condit, Dominick Cruz (not sure if he is still champ), Johny Hendriks, Urijah Fabor, Frankie Edgar, Chad Mendes, John Dodson.

The top 3 weight classes are just not that fun to watch atm :(
I would also add that there are athletes that transcend time and that is where "Greatness" comes in. Going back to my original post, this was a word attributed to Silva. Far to often, we say someone is "great" when we really mean "pretty good."

Do you think for a second that if you pulled Michael Jordan in his prime and put him in the NBA today that he wouldn't still be great?

Do you think that if we pulled Ali in his prime that he wouldn't be a Champion today?

Do you think that Nolan Ryan in his prime (which is pretty broad) wouldn't be dominant today?

If Barry Sanders was in his prime played today, do you think for a second he wouldn't tear it up?

If Tiger Woods didn't... lets not go there.

So to your point about Rich Franklin, he was "pretty good" in 2006. You used the word great, can you truly lump him in with the greats I listed above? I'm not sure that in 2006 Franklin would have been able to beat Henderson or Vitor.

GSP is great, Franklin - pretty good.
Henderson is one of the GOAT. (fights at 2 weight classes and has been the champion several times. Still a major threat in his division(s) despite being 42, which is HUGE in this sport)

end of story,

Belfort is a Legend in the sport and a pioneer and a champion at 19.
A great fighter but there seems to be 2 different belforts that show up to fights, 1. A killer that rushes you and puts massive pressure and usually knocks out his oppenents or 2. A passive agressive fighter who usually ends up losing.


good quick story on belfort - pretty amazing story.

kind of off topic,

i dont know why they havent already


also RIP Pride :''''|
UFC really really really needs to add this too.


Not sure why they haven't already.

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