Compo Point Addon?

Hello there quick question! In arena my combo points are next to there portrait it's kind of annoying looking up there. Is there an addon I can get that puts it in the bottom I have seen some videos like this. Thanks!
Tidy Plates.

You can set it up under widgets to show combo points on the players health bar above their head.
But if you dont like looking at enemy plates, how will you know what cd's they're using and what theyre doing?
Or you could even move their portraits down from the top of your screen.
which kind do you want? you can move the circle to another spot on your screen or you can get a addon that instead of having circles it with give you a number 1-5
Use nameplates, dont be a bad. And get tidyplates it's amazing
You can also use PowerAuras and totally customize your CP icons.
First rogue.... in a rogue forum... woooooooow.

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