[H] Pair LF Guild - We found one! Ty all!


Myself (I'm Taerya on this server, I swear *swats at forum*) and Cailiao just transferred over, like literally twenty minutes ago - and we're looking for a raiding guild.

We have experience through 4/12 in ToT, basically 5/12 but never officially got the Hydra down :( I'm 514 iLvL and Elemental, and Cailiao is a 519 MW Monk - and she's probably the best healer I've ever met.

I'm pretty solid DPS, too.

I've got expansions' worth of raiding experience, as a regular raider and a raid leader, having cleared all of T14 (MSV before patch 5.... whatever patch got you the FoS) as well as one boss in H MSV. I cleared DS in Cata but largely took a long break. I cleared everything during Wrath, save for Yogg at level. And in BC, I took down Kara and Gruul before Wrath hit. Cailiao has been with me through Wrath, Cata, and MoP.

We ARE a package deal. I'm willing to go Resto if I HAVE to, but would much prefer DPS. I can also gear Enhancement, but I have ZERO enhance gear. I'm stubborn though, and will do everything I can to gear quickly. Cailiao is only willing to heal, but she does have a DPS offspec but has no confidence in it (read: little experience).

We're looking for a guild that raids 2, maybe 3 nights a week. I'm available starting 7pm CST (so I think 8 server time) or later on most nights. I prefer weekend raiding only because of how many hours I work during the day. I can stay up to typically 11 pm (12 am ST) CST during the week (M-Th and Sunday). On Friday and Saturday I can stay up much later.

If I missed anything, feel free to ask it here or hit me up in game! Battle tag is Ryziam#1171 and I'm not afraid if you message me there :) Just let me know who you are!

Thanks all

I just wanted to add, that we are more looking for a ten man guild than 25 man. If possible, it may be better for a weekend guild due to his work schedule, but during the week is doable.

If he is not on and you would like to reach us, my battletag is Kolix#1346. i'm on most of the day, probably tabbed out, unless i get the super error #113 that's going around this morning <.<
My guild is currently looking to fill our 10-man group. We have all taken a long break and are just now getting back into raiding. Our website is www.mysterymen.enjin.com if you like to get an idea of who we are and my battletag is Florreith#1230 if you have any questions and would like to chat. I look forward to hearing from you.
Just wanted to update here - we found a guild :) Thank you all for the responses, most of which happened in game.

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