536 Holy Pally and 537 Boomkin lf guild

Who we are:

Two long time raiders are looking for a new home to prep for 5.4 and beyond. I (the holy pally) have been running a guild since the start of MoP of mostly friends and are currently 4/13H in progression. Most of our friends have stopped raiding and moved onto other things, so here we are looking for a new solid home. We are very experienced and solid players that have been raiding since wrath, and are very familiar with pushing heroic content. We do a good amount of research and prep before encountering new bosses and also have a good understanding on how to read and use logs. Also have logs available upon request. When we pull the boss we are serious and focused players but we also enjoy having a good time and remember that this is a game and a hobby.

What we are looking for:

10M Guild only
Core spots, we are not bench warmers :D
Active guild, where we could do other activities with the guild, alt runs, cm's, flex raids etc
Heroic progression guild

We are open for any days, and not passed 12cst.

btag: bajwa#1348

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