Retribution - Sanctified wrath OR Divine P.?

• Sanctified Wrath - Avenging Wrath lasts 50% longer (30 sec) and HoW CD is reduced by 50% during AW
• Divine Purpose - Abilities that cost HoPo have a chance to proc DP, which causes your next HoPo ability to consume none but cast as if 3 were used. 3 HoPo finisher = 25% chance to proc, lower with less HoPo

Which one? I can't decide, but i tend to believe that Divine Purpose is a better one all around due to procs.

Also, if sanctified wrath is better, should i be using it on cooldown?
On average, DP is the worst possible talent in that tier. You may have streaks where it'll proc for a minute straight, then you won't see a single proc for over five.

The actual difference between any of the talents at that level is incredibly small, though; pic the one you enjoy the most and run with it. Laugh at anyone that tells you you're bad for using one and not another.
You should be using wings on cooldown, with or without SW.
SW: Majintherm : 219327 dps
HA: Majintherm : 214507 dps
DP: Majintherm : 211747 dps

My sim breakdown between the 3. While I wouldn't call that a small gap between the 3 talents, not everyone sims the same.

Take whats most comfortable to you, and sim yourself to find out whats the best if looking to min/max. Generally SW will always pull ahead
The answer to that is conditional. If you are running in T-14 gear, then use SW. If you are using a T-15 two-piece, then go to DP and once you get your T-15 four-set, go back to SW.

I'm using a T-15 two piece with DP and I'm bursting at just under 270-300K on the average "tank and spank" fight and sustaining 140-150K on the same. I was out dpsing a better-geared Ret in my guild who also had a T-15 two piece and was using SW. Now that he changed over to DP, he's ahead of me as he should be with his gear level.
Current live set bonuses do not in any way favor DP; if anything, they favor both SW and HA. Next tier might favor DP slightly.

Anecdotal evidence in favor of DP is based entirely on RNG; a good streak makes it look amazing, but a bad streak will quickly cause you to change your tune.
Does the t15 2p bonus change the rotation at all, favoring exo over HoW, or don't even bother with it? Just got my second piece today after 2 months and started wondering that.
No, HoW still hits hard enough that, with mastery, it's still prioritized above Exo.
I find DP more fun (when the RNG gods smile on me).
I find SW to be more dependable and consistent for DPS.
I haven't used HA - but did like Zealoutry back in Cataclysm.

Overall my choice was SW.

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