Enhance Shaman viability in 3's

thoughts? I heard they run well with warrior. can they be played at high rating with right comp?

input appreciated :D
They run alright with warriors in 3's. They also run well with hunter/healer and feral/healer.
how about Enhance / Ret?
Enhance feral is quite fun
I ran with a enh who had no arena exp to 1900 I think enh dk is viable
lock enh druid

spriest enh druid

warrior enh hpal / druid

feral enh disc

hunter enh disc
I just got full enh set about a week ago, did arenas for the 1st time as enh, with dk whos an alt, and a disc, managed to keep steady 2050-2100 rating. Enh is one of the easiest specs to play to be honest. Although utility wise it is nearly all the same as ele which I have played for a long time, but still. Easy and enjoyable spec that might not be amazing but most def is viable and good.
Thanks for input
Just enh/BM/disc.
enhance boomkin disc

Either double solar beam, or double cyclone. wut wut.
enhance boomkin disc

Either double solar beam, or double cyclone. wut wut.

This actually sounds like a fun comp. Wonder if there's anyone on Mal'Ganis willing to play it..
Turbo-cleave sucks cause of hunters

Enhance/Bm/Disc is the most and most viable comp for Enhance

Enhance/feral/Disc is good as well, but most ferals would rather play with a hunter then a enhance

enhance boomkin disc

i believe tactic played this to 2200, its called mongolian earthworm cleave
oh yes, I forgot about mongorian earthworm creave
I guess in looking at 5.4 specifically
My friend has played enhance/bm/disc to 2316 this season, and it's his first time over 2200. The comp is very gladiator viable I think.

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